2020- A Corona Outbreak

(Areeb Ali, Karachi)

A doctor is treating a patient diagnosed with Corona virus

1720 Plague outbreak, 1820 Cholera, 1920 Spanish Flu and 2020 Corona virus where all these came from? Are these infections men made? And why are these coming a century after century? A lot of questions have risen after the sudden happening of such life taking virus COVID-19 and unfortunately no one has any answer of these unusual questions. Corona virus started in late 2019 from the Wuhan city of China and now it has spreaded almost all over the world and still this virus has no proper cure or treatment. Firstly, we have to observe that how much Corona Virus has affected the humanity all around the globe. China was the first victim of corona virus and has 80,880 cases of COVID-19 and 3,123 number of total deaths caused by it. After China, Italy and Iran have the most number of victims combinely 38,500. Small European countries are also finding it very difficult to resist against Corona Virus. The total number of deaths caused by Corona Virus has increased upto 6,526 and 171,881 cases are still in progress while 77,781 people are recovered from the virus. According to World Health Organization, the death rate of COVID-19 is roughly 3.4%. Now, after overviewing all the ongoing situation of the world the question is that what should we do and how can we keep ourselves out of harm from this life threatening sickness. Here are the few basic tips that would keep you away from this terrifying microbe.

• Wash your hands with alcohol based hand rub again and again for atleast 20 seconds because alcohol based soap kills Corona Virus causing germs that may be on your hands.
• Avoid touching your body parts that is nose, mouth, eyes because your hands touches many objects an entire day and germs may be stuck on these objects and can transfer to your body.
• If you are having sneeze or cough then cover up your mouth and nose which will prevent virus to spread.
• Keep yourself distant from other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community.
• Avoid close contacts or social contacts because it allows virus to transfer from one body to another.
• Stay at home as much as you can.
So these were some fundamental instructions to keep yourself healthy and secured or sheltered. At the end of this article would like to say that doesn't matter how much infectious this virus is, you have to fight against it because there is a saying “After a hurricane there is a rainbow”. so just like that after every difficulty there is always an ease. Its up on every individual whoever reading this, It’s their responsibility to face such difficulty and fight, fight for the betterment of society. I hope you would take every possible step to get out of such happenings.

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