At least India should be declared illegal state by us.

(Faiza, LAHORE)

One thing that India is advanced in is the lockdowns. Way before the world put itself in isolation India was already exercising it. Israel and India share many things in common which is ever more evident from the similar political developments in Palestine and Kashmir. Now that India has changed the status of Kashmir in its constitution, and has disregarded the legality of recognition of the dispute what should be the reaction of Pakistan? The present Pm Imran khan reaction seemingly regards the whole issue as frivolous. The statement that India is using coronavirus as a politically against the Kashmiris and the impression that India is doing all the illegality using the coronavirus excuse, to slow down Kashmiri reaction, is petty.

Pakistan has never recognized Jammu Kashmir as part of India. So the question that now arises is that why do we recognize India as a state whose constitution says Kashmir is their integral part? India does not recognize its Muslims citizens as its nationals, then why do we have to recognize India as a state? When it comes to international law and international organizations Pakistan has no leverage over India let alone leverage, we are consistently degraded even in the decisions about " human rights " as was evident from the last verdict on "Kulbushan espionage case", where Pakistan was directed to give access to Indian authority even if an Indian was a terrorist involved in genocide. A clear indication of what politically driven UNO might do in the Kashmir cause.

The developing political situation leave no room for Pakistan to accept India as a state. India is an illegal state just as the status of Israel. If we do still recognize India as a state than it leaves us to question our sovereignty. Our political, territorial and ideological sovereignty gives safeguards to the Muslim population of the subcontinent in particular.

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