The Journey to Peace

(M Hammad, Haroonabad)

For a Pakistani person, Army is beloved than his own interests/political leader.

Do you know the journey of Pakistan from terrorism to peace?
I will talk about the land of the pure and the brave and its sacrifices for peace. Yes..!!
Therefore, this land of the pure and brave people is called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
A country that came into existence on August 14, 1947, after the sacrifices of the people of the subcontinent. He fought against an extremist mindset and earned the country as a reward for protecting his religious freedom.
But what will I talk about today? What will I talk about Pakistan?
So I went to talk about journey of Pakistan, from the worst place to the best tourist destination.
In the late 80’s, a proxy war between the Soviet Union (now Russia) and the United States was on the rise. In each field there was a race between the two to deal with the other. Basically, there was a clash between two different ideologies. Soviet Union invades Afghanistan. The main purpose of the attack was to access the hot waters of the Arabian Sea via Pakistan. Pakistan was well aware that this attack would be costly for them as a result of loss of land or loss of dignity or integrity. The United States had the opportunity to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Therefore, he asked Pakistan to become its ally in the war against Russia. Pakistan was not in a position to say “no” because we were worried about the future. So Pakistan joined hands with the US and started forming a proxy group and trained them at the behest of the United States. People joined the group because of their religious affiliation with Afghanistan. As a result, an Afghan land proxy war against the Soviet Union began. Proxy groups defeat the Soviet Union with direct funding and assistance from the United States. Does it end? no.
The main story begins now.
After this war, proxy groups were left alone. The USA withdrew their support. Pakistan was unable to do such a thing.
Time goes by and 9/11 attacks. The United States attacked Afghanistan, accusing it of being carried out by Afghan proxy groups. We reunited with the United States to receive the bailout package from the IMF and the Treasury assistance for our poor economy. Proxy groups became our enemies that you created us before, now you are killing us? There was no fence on the Afghan border. As a result, these proxy groups began to move between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Swat, the Northern Territory became their main area. They became stronger and stronger. They are launching suicide bombings all over Pakistan. This led to the Lal Masjid operation, which led to the rise of extremism. After the Lal Masjid operation, a new wave of suicide bombings has greatly affected the country. Time is up The world has looked deeply into our situation. Sanctions were imposed on Pakistan. Due to terrorism, different countries have changed travel advisories for Pakistan. 2009 began and the government announced a major anti-terror operation ( Operation Rah-e-haq) in Swat. The Pakistan army badly targeted the terrorist groups and fought against them completely and made the area safe. Subsequently, several terrorist groups migrated to Waziristan. And started attacking again. They hit us badly and expensively. They targeted our cities, national properties, major projects, very important areas, foreign tourists, beautiful people and heads of state. In 2014, a major operation was announced, to burn the terrorist group and make Pakistan safer. We suffered a great loss of our children in the attack on the Peshawar Army Public school. Zarb-e-Azab operation began and results were obtained. Terrorism ended in Pakistan. Terrorist groups were eliminated and Pakistan became safe. In addition, the Rad-ul-fasad operation begins to deal with every supporter who finances these terrorist groups. Rad-ul-fasad operation will continue till the death of last supporter of terror. Pakistan collects all the evidence against those who provide financial support to these groups. After the arrest of Kulbhushan Jadev (Indian spy in Pakistan), Pakistan badly disclosed funding for terrorist operations. India is directly involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. In his statement, Kalbushan Jadev openly Says that India provides financial support to these and terrorist groups for carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan. Pakistan has now become a safe haven. Terrorism decreased by 90%. We suffered a huge loss of $ 125 billion in our economy. But the deaths of 700,000 civilians are more painful than economic pain. The world acknowledges our efforts to tackle terrorism. Now Pakistan is a safe cottage. International tourists are coming to Pakistan. International events held in Pakistan International Cricket Launches in Pakistan The Kabaddi World Cup held in Pakistan, is actually sending a clear message to the world that we are ready to welcome you. Britain and the United States changed their travel advisory for Pakistan. The United States declared Pakistan a family station. International magazines and forums have declared Pakistan the best tourist destination in the world. Pakistanis find it exciting and happy to see happiness once again in their lives.
Pakistan is a safe place to visit. You must visit Pakistan ..
are you ready to visit Pakistan??

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