Sweet Tooth - Slow Poison

(Mehwish Akram, )

Someone has said : I have to be careful when I am around sweets.
And I think its absolutely right because you have to be careful about what you are eating and whether it is healthy for your body or not .
According to American Heart Association , recommended sugar intake is not more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams )for women , and not more than 9 teaspoons (38 grams ) for men .
High level of sugar content in your body will definitely create unhealthy effects including

• First of all Obesity , it will increase your weight as it contains high level of fats and carbohydrates .
• Heart diseases i.e risk of heart attack increases as sugary food contains high level of fats that causes the arteries to block and disturb the circulation of blood .
• Diabetes , Diabetes is the most commonly found disease in Pakistan , in which your body do not produce enough insulin to counter the effects of Glucose in our body .
• Cholesterol , high sugar content also disturbs the level of cholesterol in your body , as the cholesterol level disturbs , it causes more problems for the heart .
• Cancer, research says that sugar content fuels the cancer cells and causes cancer to spread rapidly
• Depression , sugary diet is associated with depression as it causes the disturbances in your body . Depression is also linked to the weight gain , having health issues etc
As prevention is better than cure , so one should try to avoid having sugary food and eat within the recommended limit because health is wealth .


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