Hope in present chaos

(Muhammad Hamza Qamar, )

We are at 30+ days of social isolation and complete lock down. The dollar price is worth 160.38 the euro 175.02 and the pound 199.39. The petrol price is 81.58 expecting to be decreased more this month. Schools have been closes since mid march and teaching remotely online. This may continue for the remainder of the varsity year (maybe). Only general stores, bakery, milk shops, and mart are allowed to open From 9:00 to 5:00 pm. There are lines inside the stores to stay people six apart and directing people which thanks to walking. The restaurant just for home delivery and pickup. Parks, beeches,, and walk-in places aren't accessible to the general public. Closed!

All the sports competitions have been canceled. All festivals are banned. Even Ramadan Taraweeh is prompted to pray at home. Celebrations and birthdays are canceled.
Funerals limited to people or less only relatives are allowed.

People doing only the nikah ceremony at homes. we've to remain faraway from one another. Toilet tissue, hand sanitizer, antibacterial products, and anything local or branded in short supply and limited one person. If you'll even find them.

Australia, USA, Canada, UAE, and Europe most countries have closed borders nobody is traveling for leisure. Airports are empty. Tourism has the worst crisis in history. Till now 3.52 million COVID-19 actives cases and 248k people death and 1.13 million recovered patients USA alone have 1.18 million active cases patients and 68k plus deaths.

If we think about the world COVID-19, violence, natural disasters, man-made disasters, corruption, violation of human rights, things are terrible and realize like they're getting worse, right?

The wealthier are getting wealthier and poor getting poorer, and thus the amount of poor just keeps boosting which we'll shortly run out of resources unless we do something drastic.

We are watching the news channels reporting the terrible rate of death with COVID-19 and limited equipment of health supervision.

If we examine the statics first time when Pakistan started testing for COVID-19 very fewer numbers of tests browsing the strategy. Now Pakistan goes to increase its coronavirus testing capacity from 800 to 25,000 tests every day by the end of April, the National Coordination Committee (NCC) announced on Monday.

It's hard for people to talk about resources when it involves saving lives or prolonging on expanding them. It is easy to recollect the all bad things emerging within the world its harder to know the good things.

This is the time to feel grateful for what we've to feel gratitude rather than being ungrateful. We all to need vanish away all of our anxieties

. "Become more present and grounded"

When we start to feel thankful or grateful for what we've positive vibes will surely give relaxation and quietness to our minds.

"Keep your attention focused on the small".

As our Prime Minister khan said during his address to the nation during this time of pandemic " we do not want chaos because it can throw us to unpredicted dilemmas.

In times of this corona pandemic people often ask when the world will return to its normal day, don't await normal days! Assume that abnormal days are normal days, Today's abnormal moment is now our new moment! the world might not return in few months to its old days the smart person is that the one who adapts to the changing world, All days are normal as long as you adjust yourself to the changes regardless of how dramatic these changes are.

Instead of creating chaos or to feel the anxiety to make a problematic situation for the people around us. We all need to use our minds and accept the world phenomenal situation. Just adopt the safety measures and check out to spread positive vibes.

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