Is this the state of MADINAH?

(Mrs.saad, Karachi)

As We are Muslims , we have Holy Quran for our guidance .
• If we read Quran with the translation , we find out that Allah Almighty has been saying over and over again that “ Spend in the way of Allah and strive hard, Give true testimony, support the truth and much more . Now the question is that What Qur'an does our government have that prevents them from doing all this? They do not spend in the way of Allah i.e nothing do for needy peoples , orphans , widowers etc. On the contrary, people became unemployed , They do not distinguish between right and wrong, and between haraam and halal , which type of Muslims they are ? Nothing is in accordance with their Qur'an and Sunnah what did they read ? They understand? And how can they say that they are Muslims? They nothing do for Kashmir , they were waiting for their Muslims brothers that they do something for them but what did they do ? They only stand them for an half hour for them? Can they answered that what benefit did kashmiries get from this protest? What did they do for poor class? Now let’s talking about now a days , in this lock down do they give any relief to their nation? Do they provide free sanitizer? Do they provide free meal to needy peoples? They got lots of free help from different peoples what did they do from that ? Will they all forget the punishment of Allah? What they will answer to Allah at the dooms day? Do they all prepared for them? They do nothing for Pakistan in these 71 years, only make their assets make their life’s heaven , they do not have hearts for their nation .
How upset are people nowadays? Who is responsible for them? Was this the state of Madinah? I think every one knows about that Hazrat Ibrahim A.S destroy all the idols , so how do they build a temple ? People gives donation for Masjids and they freely building a temple ? Was this the state of Madinah ? They are buying hell from all these things if not so please recite Holy Quran with translation and than decide that did they make the state of Madinah or not !

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