The Hegemony of unseen Groups

(Dr. Mohammad Tamoor Azam, )

The dialogue between GOD (Allah) and Satan (Iblees or Lucifer which means Iblees in the Bible) is narrated around 7 times in Quran, where Satan (Iblees or Lucifer) requests GOD (Allah) that my lord, grant me respite till the day they (humanity) will be resurrected. Satan (Iblees) said, my lord I will adorn the path of error with lusts and desires for the children of Adam (in the earth, and shall mislead them) make them to err (every one) from guidance. Ch:15, V:36,39. Satan (Iblees or Lucifer) further said, my lord I will come at them from their front and their rear, from their right and their left, and you will not find most of them grateful Ch:7, V:17. So according to these verses the Satan (Iblees) is currently living on this earth with his great might granted by Allah (GOD) to test the humanity: who follows Allah (GOD) and who follows Satan. In this context the prevailing concept of “Secret Societies”, a cabal verily exists--not a fictitious one-- and Iblees (Satan) per se supports and helps their false flag and nefarious actions. Famous “Secret Societies” are Knight Templers (in past) or Freemasons (contemporary), Illuminati, Skulls and Bones, Club Bilderberg and so on in the present. These “Secret Societies” have overwhelming influence on governments, financial institutions, media houses, entertainment industry, International organizations like United Nations and NATO, Think Tanks like Hudson Institute who support and promote wars, controlling virtually every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave. The worrisome problem is that the cryptic garbage they spew through movies, cartoons, magazines which contains subliminal messages that are expressed through allegories, metaphors, signs and symbols they propagate two objectives to achieve one goal. The twofold goal is to establish “New World Order”, so the objectives which pave the way for accomplishing the goals are: to proscribe religion they want to make a GOD less society which means believing in no religion is their religion (Muslims are biggest threat for them to achieve this objective). The second objective is to show their power and strength by forecasting about future political and financial events. In this regard famous cartoons like Simpsons, Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Ant Bully, SpongeBob Squarepants so on, movies like Eyes Wide Shut, Angels and Demons, Doctor Who, American Illuminati, Marching to Zion, A One World Agenda: Illuminati, Dead Zone, JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick, 23, Deus Ex, 33 & beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry (documentary) and so on. In addition, magazines like “The Economist” renown propagandistic magazine or quasi-propaganda arm for the banking empire is their most important tool for outlandish predictions. For example if we closely look into front covers of the magazine in January 1988 with the title “Get Ready For World Currency” it was said that 30 years from now people will use same currency, the price of items will not be shown in yen, dollars or pound, but in one currency (With no currency risk trade, employment and investment will be spurred on), in January edition “The World in 2019” there are many pictures in the cover where each picture predicts like using QR Code in future transactions, use of electric vehicles and micro chip in human body etc, the magazine cover of January “The World in 2020” is chaotic jumble of words, after peering what comes out is “ Trump, Brexit, AI (Artificial Intelligence,) Tokyo, Mars, Climate, XI (President Xi of China), Recession, Modi, Expo, SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals), Bond, Vision so on ends with Russia, and recent June/July edition “The Next Catastrophe (how to survive it)”, one can easily decipher this provocative covers where many cryptic pictures decorated behind the sofa where two of family members and a pet has put on full face respirator and kid with combat helmet heralds more alarming difficulties for humanity in future. In this way, these secret societies are so deeply scattered, whose tentacles of control have encompassed world events and want to secure the ultimate kingship. The mysterious connections between these “Secret Societies” and famous logos, signs and symbols are not coincidence for example One eye (all seeing eye) can be see in the logo of “Time Warner Cable”, CBS news, US one-dollar bill, the famous logo of facebook represented by the word “f” is actually a sign of masonic Tubal-cain of freemasons, the logo of gmail with capital letter “M” in red color represents the cloth apron put on by Freemasons in their special occasions, “Google Play” logo represents the “seal of satan (Iblees or Lucifer), the logos of “Apple App Store”, “Android Product Store” represents pyramid and Masonic Square 7 Compass, 666 (mark of beast) which is represented in google chrome, World Disney sign. The “Horn” or “demonic hand sign” signal – right hand raised with the index and lady fingers extended means “worship the Satan” or “pay homage to Satan” and according to them “Baphomet” Sabbatic Goat represents (half-human half-man-male and female, good and evil, on and off) is the fictional image of Satan (Iblees). It is a reality that those who openly follow the Satan believe him to be the GOD of this earth and they worship Satan. It is mentioned in the Quran that whoever has Satan (Iblees) as a companion—indeed taken for himself a very bad & evil companion Ch:4,V:38, that is why GOD (Allah) emphasized “Satan (Iblees) is your open and clear enemy Ch:2,V:208, fight against the allies of Satan (Iblees) Ch:4,V:76. So, according to my interpretation of sayings Prophet Mohammad (SAW) about “Dajjal” is name of contemporary system controlled by “secret societies” through lone wolf-terrorism to accomplish their goal i.e. New World Order, totalitarian world government which would replace sovereign nation-states because it should be worthwhile to mention here that Satan (Iblees) is already alive according to Quran and performing his evil actions on earth how can be an entity like “Dajal” is more powerful than Satan (Iblees)? While skeptics believe that the concept of “New World Order” is a conspiracy theory.


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