Where is my father?

(Aliyan Abdul Salam, Islamabad)

“Whenever there is a knock on the door, I think that might be my father coming back home”. A 20 years old girl just received a text from a friend “ I am so sorry your father was abducted” at first she took it as any other silly joke. But it was sadly the reality and she had to accept it.

He was taken by people in non-uniformed personnel at Swabi interchange in KP. They took his driver and then released after two days. The driver gave a statement “ some men stopped us, put us into another car blindfolded.

Idris Khattak 56 is a researcher and did lots of research work for human rights organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He was associated with a small political party. He was the only one taking care of Talia Khattak 20 years old girl. Her parents were separated when she was a very little girl.

“He was a really nice dad, from cooking breakfast to making cool hairstyles for her for school. He was a protective parent” says Talia. Her father raised two daughters since they were children.

An inquiry commission in 2011 was formed to investigate disappearances. Starting with 136 cases they have investigated 65000 cases so far. According to HRCP 2100 political dissenters and human rights activists are still missing in Pakistan. However, the exact numbers could be higher as many people did not belive the commission and did not report the cases.

Another prominent journalist snatched from his car in a broad daylight of Islamabad on 22nd july. Matiullah Jan is known for his strong criticism of the state powerful institutions. Fortunately, due to a strong vocal response from the journalist's community, politicians, lawyers, and a massive campaign through social media foced the abductors to release him after 12 hours.

After months of knocking doors of every concerned office, Talia khattak finally decided to raise voice on social media. In may she recorded a video in urdu, pertaining abduction of her father. Amnesty international help her record another video for fathers day. “This father’s day I don’t know if my father is alive if he has food” she added. She pen an editorial for the English newspaper Independent. Her activism somehow managed to engage the U.N. human rights to exert pressure on the Pakistani government. They wrote an open letter to Pakistan that they were “appalled” by the disappearance of Idris Khattak.

All of a sudden in June family were informed that the military intelligence agency had him in custody being charged under an archaic secrets 1923 act. And he has to face a military trail conducted in secret.

The family is not allowed to see or meet him, making it very hard for a 20 years old girl use to talk to him every single day.

Aliyan Abdul Salam
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