The Importance Of Dams In Pakistan

(Areeba Siddiqui, Karachi)

Have you ever considered that what will happen if we run out of water? Every living thing on the planet needs water; whether they are humans, birds, plants, animal or any other living species in the ecosystems. This is the universal fact that no living being can survive without water on this planet and as per the current situation the rapid loss of water may lead to no water in the world. One of the best ways to secure water is to construct dams. In this essay, I will state the importance of dams specifically in Pakistan.

Pakistan is the 33rd largest country among all the countries around the globe with a population of 212.2 million. To supply water to these myriad number of people, the government has setup dams. There are total 06 dams in Pakistan. Currently the largest dam in Pakistan is Tarbela Dam in all six dams. Tarbela & Khanpur Dam is located in Haripur, Rawal Dam is located in Islamabad, Bhasha Dam in Gilgit Baltistan, Mangla Dam in Mirpur District & Hub Dam in Malir.

According to Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA), the capacity of the Tarbela Dam has fallen by 30%. WAPDA warned that while water consumption is increasing in Pakistan, the Countries ability to store water is decreasing, urging leaders to build more dams in Pakistan.

The main reason for the importance of dams is that, dams are specified for the sake of storing water yet the also act as barrier which stops water approaching the particular regions. If there is no dam the water may overflow and cause floods that may csuse harm to many things. The water stocked in dams is used for generating electricity; the higher the water level in the dam the more electricity will be produced. The procedure to make electricity from water is the cheapest way of making electricity.

Further more, dams are the great helping hand in irrigation when there is lack of ground resources for instance rain water, water from glaciers, tube wells, etc. Dams issue water for the well fame of living and easing the rudimentary requirements such as sanitation, purpose of drinking, etc.

Overall, dams are clearly an important source of water. Government should look forward to build up more dams inspite of just six. Nobody knows what future holds but for the survival of living beings everyone has to contribute their efforts to save water as our owns selves. Use water as per the need, self storage and recycling water will help us and the government to make Pakistan even more better place to live.

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