The Mysterious Woman

(Yasir Farooq, Karachi)

As I crossed to the other side of the road, so did the woman in her early forties who was coming towards me.The move of the woman surprised me.I, in my teenage years, was a shy young man. It was not the first time that I noticed her anomalous actions. Besides experiencing anonymous feeling, I was unable to avoid her as I had the responsibility to pick up my younger sister from the school. I often found the mysteroius woman on my way. She would also take care of her daughter who happened to be my sister's classmate.

As time passed by, the woman became so obsessed with me that once she managed to watch me, sitting quietly in her car, while I was returning from mosque.

Her motives remained unclear to me for many days. Thoughts of her bothered me as if she was a puzzle. One day at home I found my younger sister talking to the mother," She(the mysterious woman) watches the bro because he strongly resembles her only son. Someone murdered him when he was away from his home for higher studies." After hearing the tragedy, I became lost  in the grieving and anxious motherhood. At last every action of the lady dawned upon me.

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