Kashimr Dispute

(Sehar Afshan, Sukkar)

Eyes blinded, children orphaned , women widowed ,homes demolished , human right violated , basic rights bereaved , children grieved , shortage of food ,deprived from medical treatment and future destroyed; this is the valley ofKashmir, this is the unexpected heart wrecking picture of Kashmir where thousands of innocent have been killing without committing a single crime, for them every single moment is full of torment and torture ,even it is better to say that their pain is out of imagination .Kashmir is the world’s bloodiest dispute since inception .The unsolved issue has been depriving the dreams and peace of sinless Kashmiri. Curfew has been imposed by the cruel Indian Government Kashmir is a complex issue , an overview would be better to understand this conflict.

Since 73 years dispute between India and Pakistan is one of the longest running conflicts over Kashmir in the world. Kashmir , or its full name , the state ofJammu and Kashmir, is the northern part of the Indo -Pak subcontinent. Its international borders with Tibet, China Afghanistan and Russia . The story of the awful act began with the sale of Kashmir by British to Maharaja Gulab Singh ,when a treaty of Amristsar was signed in 1846 with Britishers. The ruler had to pay 7.5 million to the whole territory of Kashmir , sale of such vast Muslim majority and territory was incessantly ruled with unjust , just to recover the loses in wars and to molest Muslims in Kashmir .Cruel Maharaja and his followers started century of despotic attitudes towards people of Kashmir ruthlessly .The Muslims in Kashmir suffered discrimination and inequity in every sphere of their life. They made different laws to torture the Muslims in Kashmir for example ,if a Muslim killed a cow to feed his family the penalty was death.

The very first movement to defend the Rights of Kashmir , started in 1932 under the leadership of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah ,when he established a political party named as “Muslim conference” which was later named as “National Conference ” in 1939. National conference soon turned into a wide protesting platform against Dogra rule; they demanded for a separate independent and sovereign state. Sheikh Abdullah had boycotted the elections of state assembly ,upheaval began .Pandit Kak the prime minister of Kashmir at that time he had put Sheikh Abdullah in jail in 1946. Chaos and protest started ,On the other handGandhi arranged his visit to Kashmir , on August 1947 Kashmir was now on theway to being solved under the partition plan provided by the Indian independenceact Kashmir, as per Indian Independence act ,Kashmir was free to decide whichcountry it would join, the majority in Kashmir were Muslims and most of themwanted to join Pakistan, when the subcontinent was divided the state of Kashmir was ruled by Maharaja Hari singh a ferocious ruler . Virtuous Kashmiri were thinking that they will get independence too but, the wishes never came true .After two months of independence, decision was still undecided about joining Pakistan or India. In September 1947 Hari Singh started a campaign to drive many Muslims out of Kashmir , 200,000 fled to Pakistan and Ultimately the Muslims started rebellion against him, Maharaja turned to India for help to quash the Muslims but Indians put their demands that the Indian came to help after when the Kashmir would accede to India eventually he agreed, situation became more worst , On October 1947 Hari Singh signed the accession papers, but Pakistan did not recognize that document as a legal document doubtless ,the accession was illegal and without will of Muslim Kashmiri. However, both sides, Indians army and Muslims ,captured territory as much as they could, while thousands of casualties occurred at both sides according to the Authentic resources massacre ratio in 1947 was 80,000 and thousands of people injured. On 1st November Quaid e Azam met with Lord Mountbatten the governor generalof India and proposed to stop fighting, Mountbatten put this proposal to India Since1949 the ceasefire line now called the line of control (LOC) that splitting Kashmir.(LOC) has been supervised by United Nations Military Observer Group of India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). Pakistan was still upset by the time of the ceasefire a great deal of territory had been occupied by India. Violence continued,it seemed that the ceasefire would be broken and war would break out. In 1965 and1971 two more wars broke out and thousands were killed. In 1972 Simla agreement was signed according to this Agreement issue and matter should be solved bilaterally. protests inside Indian occupied Kashmir were suppressed for the past two decades; human rights violations by Indians on Kashmir has been increasing day by day. Indian Government also abolished the Article 370 and 35A . It means the Kashmir will lose their special status and identity , the State of Jammu and Kashmir will live under a separate set of laws including citizenship, ownership of the property and identity fundamental rights as compared to Indian states and Kashmir will lose their autonomy. In 2016 Indian Government imposed the Curfew on many areas of Kashmir shops and most banks remained shut , mobile and internet services remained suspended.

Hustle started, 68 civilians and many officials were killed and 9,000 people injured in 50 days of violence. Thousands of Innocents have been killed by Indians soldiers .Violence ramped up with the death of Burhan Wani in 2016 , 90 civilians lost their lives and more than 2,300 were injured. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Called Burhan Wani a “Martyr ” and announced 19 July will be observed as “Black Day” to express solidarity with Kashmir. Kashmir looks like a ground of a battle where thousands of People have been killed by Indian Soldiers.

Pakistan regularly raised the Dispute of Kashmir in international Forums including UN ,whereas prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, highlighted the issue of Kashmir many times in UN, September 2019 he said, “women Children and sick people are locked in as animals, if 8 million animals were locked in in the RSPCA would have made lot of noise about it , these are human beings”. Nawz Sharif also raised the issue multiple times, in UN general Assembly in 2013, 2015 , issue was also raised by Pakistani envoy Maleeha Lodhi in 2017 and regularly Pakistani , many attempts have been made to concentrate this serious issue than why UN and other states are blank? If there would be another state instead of Kashmir or it isbetter to say instead of Muslims would they remain salient? Pakistan is continuously trying its best but the Indian Government always neglects the crucial issue.

Kashmir is an imperative issue and it needs the attention of those states who claimto protect the human rights, to control this terrible violence the State must unite and show their neutral response and solidarity. It's impossible for India to give upKashmir. It's better to say that it is a terrible blow to their pride. Hostility has reached on bowling point .There is a clear conviction in Pakistan that Kashmir should rightfully be a part of Pakistan but time to time tensions have been increased between both countries with the frequent shelling and killing of the innocent people. Unfortunately, fears of a new War have been frequent…..

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