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(Sehar Afshan, sukkur)

Our perceptions play a crucial role in building our life. It is a fact that focusing on positive or negative things people can bring positive or negative changes in their life. On the contrary, many people are living in dejection, melancholy, and isolation, when they forget that, every silver cloud has a silver lining and there is light after darkness. Failures, Problems, disturbance, and Suffering are major causes of depression but, it doesn’t mean that we stop living. Many people are facing difficulties in their lives whether, it is related to the job, and achieving goals but, this difficult time gives push or flow to move forward and cope with the situation. We will live a miserable life when we start thinking that failure is our destiny. Sometimes, we face failure because, we concentrate on other achievements and get distracted from our goals and promises that we have made to ourselves, instead of distraction and focusing on negative things, why can’t we get motivation from them? When we have a firm belief and positive thinking than we will get whatever we want. Meticulously focusing on things or failures that are not as important, can vanish happiness and positivity from our lives and put us down in the dumps, rather than we should focus on those small things that make us cheery. Failure and despair are like a bad dream that reiterates. We consistently strive to set foot on the zenith of the mountain as that view attracts us more, as compared to the bottom same as, after hurdles, we will get a charming and delightful sight of life.

The most important thing in the journey of a successful life is to listen to the internal voice and accept the fact that, not all the given things in life are equal some have high on the hog, some have less, even those who have more are still upset and those who have less are enjoying the fountain of happiness, sometimes fit and healthy person get tired from their life, However, those who have the serious disease are enjoying every second and moments of life. Happiness will never let you go if once it holds your hand, just keep your chin up.

The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go. (Dodinksy)

I usually think that our life looks very similar to the waves sometimes, we feel like we are over the moon while sometimes we feel that we don’t want to be the part of this World, when we feel happy, we should notice that which sort of things are making us happy or giving us boost, on the contrary, we should exit and not to reiterate that similar mistakes. We should write the things that are the cause of scuffle and muddle should fly that paper in the air believing that one-day problems will fade. If we become happy in our life, we can disperse the color of happiness everywhere else, we make despondent others. We have to understand our nature first, if we are failing while taking some decisions it doesn’t mean that, we will fail in every upcoming task, we fit all the stuff of regret and dismay in our mind that block the light that gives us the energy to take further steps. If two people are sitting before you, one has a guitar and singing with a rocking voice, another one sitting alone with a dejected face, who will you want to join? You will join the person who is singing and spreading the smiles around. You are the best teacher of yourself because, you know yourself, more than any other so, don’t wait and think that someone will come and hold your hand, you can be your motivator if you think and understand yourself attentively. Don’t do those things that the majority do, be different be unique think differently not commit those things that the majority do, commit those things that minorities do. Remembering that one day you are going to die, and nothing will remain, but the only thing how you made others feel and how you felt.

The world is full of beautiful colors and multiple chances, we can start from anywhere, we just need to search that element which gives us a boost of happiness and positivity. Moreover, always try to look for the positive vibe. The more we spread the happiness, the more it grows and refresh also those who are around us. Just open the wings and fly, you will certainly perceive how far you can go. The road is not always smooth and wide, let’s give a hug and embrace failure and sorrow…..

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