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(Shaheena Naeem, Karachi)

I use social media must because there is a lot of videos available on Facebook and YouTube channels as choices..In this era, everyone wants beware the situation of entire world.Because today the ,world changes every moment rather than pandemic time.This is a dangerous era, no peace and calm are available throughout the year.Media is most important for one's beware of daily circumstances.I really like media for watch TV on YouTube and learn and observe with touch and go, I like to watch Telefilms, where showing one's culture and values.They leave the moral lessons to groom generations..

I would suggest people to watch TV series and films to learn lessons .My choice is both TV series and films on social media.I like some series for school of thought and other food for sometimes on social media, prodigy is available which can't be believed, I always watch tricky and electronic plants for goods for knowledge.This is might be an approach to look over the matter.I really enjoy social media because it's a fascinating way to learn multiple things. Although my taste is different than others whether I like religious videos; in fact the adventure films too, because I get clues for writing. I want to watch motivational videos too because it's beneficial for every learner, but some speakers show without references, even though they are like fake news and videos.

On the other hand people are innocent to believe them and imitate all things, as they said. A viewer should be clever, hale and hearty to inquire their videos.Some filmmakers are making films ,not so good and can't be watched with family and children. And most videos and news fake, bogus should be restricted, copyright issues.
In tik tok videos there is a lot of shameful and old-fashioned dresses are showing.This would destroy our culture, values and social norms.These videos are showing for the ratings and fame and fortune.They all depend their economy with bag and baggage from these videos.TV series are very time consumer regime, because time is money, should not waste time so far.We have to consume time in good work and creative work, always carry on work as lively.Some time youngsters embark and converse the work on social media but they always fall through as don't count chicken before they hatch.

I am really glad to see my learning advertisement on social as where there's a will there's a way. At social media, employers publish their jobs then applicants apply and find a job in relevant field.I almost search school or college vancancies from this media
Do in Rome as the Romans do.
We can watch every type of videos from social media, and we can search news if you have journalist list in your friend request.
But in the way some writers and journalists as where there's smoke
there fire.The grass is greener on the other side.
We should have ability to bear out the news whether it is fake or real.
Someone who is user of social media know the ever changing trend.They should be aware every moment, what is happening around the world so far .

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