(Kashif Farooq, Lahore)

1) Bander Road Sukkur 200 Years Old Haveli

This is the MOST HAUNTED and dangerous HAVELI (haveli means a big house full of many family members made by grand father's of the family) of Pakistan located in Sukkur on Bander Road alongwith river Indus. This is 200 years old haveli where the Hindu's Family used to live before Partition of Sub-Continent. A lady named "Radika" was one of the family member who lived there. This is the Spirit today who is harassing the alive males and ask them to marry with her (i.e. a spirit). Nobody knows was she murdered or died by an accident....? Nobody dare to move on the road after 10:00 PM. WATCH these videos for more INVESTIGATION. When trying to demolish this 200 years old building, problems creates each time.

2) Bride at Karsaz:- 1960s

Many people have claimed to see a woman dressed up in bridal clothes on the road of Karsaz. On this road is the home of the Bride of Karsaz (haunted since 1960s). The rests in the middle of this patch of road, which people claim forever seems haunted. The bride’s home is a small insignificant graveyard. It is said that there is a jilted bride that awaits late-night travellers on the Dalmia road that connects Karsaz with Jauhar. If a traveller passes her while going home, something usually causes them to stop, and she appears as a beautiful woman dressed in bridal red. The stunning beauty waves as if she needs a ride or help and speaking a language no one seems to understand. As you look at her beautiful face, you will see it start to turn into something else, maggots begin to come out of her face and the hair on the back of your head will stand. Some say they have been chased by her screaming while others were able to flee without a sound. But one thing they all agree on is that after dark no one should travel on Dalmia Road alone, for the bride still awaits her groom.

3) Shamshan Ghat, Hyderabad Sindh.

This place is on the top of the list in graveyards. This place is about 200 years old (since the year 1800) and Hindus’ burning and burial ritual are performed here. As per guards and other staff claim that they have seen small children coming to play and make noise after sunset. Guards never saw anyone coming from the gate because the boundary wall of this place is very high and the gate has also closed by them every night. The children just come from nowhere and disappear afterwards. That’s one creepiest thing...

Shamshan Ghat or Crematory is in Hyderabad Sindh region of Pakistan near Badin Chowk. Many claim that spirits who are dead but never reached their destination even after death. If you really want to experience some creepiest paranormal activity, then this place is on the top of the list in graveyards.

4) House No. 39 K, block 6, PECHS, Karachi (since 1992-93).

There is a house in Karachi, named 39 K. Most people claim about a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the house and street, disappearing about 3:00 AM early morning. If you were to tarry along the streets of block 6 at P.E.C.H.S, KARACHI, you will see a light glowing around house No. 39-K. where it might simply mean that someone is living there most people insist seeing a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the street and disappearing about 03:00 AM.

5) The Koh-i-Chiltan

According to the legend associated with it and by local myth, it always considered very haunted by the spirits of forty babies. The tallest peak in the Chiltan range is said to be haunted by the ghosts of 40 dead children. The local legend of the peak is about a couple who once left 40 babies on the peak to survive on their own. It is these children that they say can be heard crying in despair in the night when the winds blow strong, carrying down their voices calling to people to come up.

The story of the couple is fairly simple, poor and without a child, they sought the help of many clerics and healers. One such cleric’s son said he would be able to help them even though others couldn’t. He spent many nights praying and the couple was not only blessed with one but forty children.

Being unable to care for so many the husband decided to leave 39 on the mountain top to fend for themselves. They say the wife was drawn to the wails of the 39 and taking the 40th child she saw that all were alive, she left her last child there to tell her husband the good news. Upon returning, all of them were gone.

6) Shireen Cinema Karachi

(basically haunted since 2006 and closed since 2010). Who says’ you can’t enjoy a good movie just because you are dead? According to workers, this cinema has been closed for some time due to some visitors that were not expected. Apparently, voices and singing can be heard coming from the back of the cinema, and shadows can be seen on the screen when no on is there. How about that for a scary movie?

Shireen Cinema is located in the North of Karachi and is closed for public since year 2010, as people and the staff of the cinema had felt some unusual things happening in the cinema. It is one haunted place in Karachi where ghosts come to watch movies; according to one of the staff members of the cinema, there are many ghosts living with their families in different areas of the cinema. Anyone can easily hear voices of people talking at the back row of the cinema at night knowing no one is in the cinema at that time. Things like the dripping of the water from the taps where there is no pipe line for water and people sitting in front of the screen singing songs and their shadows can easily be seen on the wall are happening inside the Shireen Cinema. So if you dare enough to see all this can visit the cinema and experience some scary paranormal activity by yourself.

7) Chowkandi Graveyard, Karachi

Chowkandi Graveyard, located on the highway of Karachi has been considered as the most haunted graveyard, People located nearby claim that they heard people shouting and apparition have been witnessed also. Nobody dare to visit it after the sunset. Chowkandi graveyard located on the National Highway of Karachi, Pakistan is amongst the most ancient graveyard of the country, around 600 (six hundred) years old. It is also considered as one of the most haunted graveyard, nobody attempts to visit there after sunset as they would most likely to experience some unusual/paranormal activities. According to the people who live nearby, they heard people shouting and apparition have also been witnessed. Overall the Chokandi Graveyard has its own ancient beauty that attracts visitors, but nobody dare to visit it after the sunset. Not to forget the great factor of Black Magic, usually done in this graveyard with a goat’s head

8) The Sheikhupura Fort, Lahore

This fort is in bad shape and nobody want to reshape it because people believe that its haunted by the spirits of queens who used to reside there once.

9) The Mohatta Palace Karachi

This palace is a museum now where guards claim that things have a tendency to move from on place to another, the claim also has been made of lights moving around, when no one is in the palace.

Built in 1927 by Shivratan Chandraratan, it was abandoned when India and Pakistan partition took place. This incredible palace is now a museum. But many strange things seem to happen here when the visitors are gone and the lights grow dim. Many of the workers claim that things have a tendency to move themselves, from one place to another, claims have been made of lights moving around, when no one is inside. The guards believe that the palace is haunted by ghosts from the British Raj; they say their presence can be “felt” during the night while the guards are on duty.

10) Hawks Bay Hut (Karachi) (mysterious hut)

They say that this particular hut has never been rented out, and if someone is foolish enough to rent it, they never make it through the night there. For during the night especially on a full moon, weddings are held by Jinnat. They do not take kindly to uninvited guests. So beware before renting this hut at Hawk’s Bay.

11) Kalabagh Dam (Punjab)

Locals around the area claim that a woman is seen, wandering around at night. She is small in height, enormous, and with very long hair. If people gaze at her too long, it is said that she attacks the one gazing at her.

12) Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

Once, many centuries ago they say a Prince of Persia fell in love with the Fairy Princess of the Lake. The Fairy Princess in turn fell madly in love with the Persian Prince, but she was to all promised to a Demon. Upon hearing about their love, the Demon killed both the Prince and the Fairy Princess and to this day the fairies return to the lake to mourn the death of the two lovers.

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Amazing article.
By: Furqan Muhammad Khan, Karachi on May, 29 2018
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Very interesting! I never believed it to be true if you'd ask me few moths back. Recently a friend of mine witnessed horrific incident at Karsaz, and the one thing I know for sure that the friend of mine who experienced it wasn't making any of it by himself. But still I feel that one should only believe such stuff to be true if they experience it by themselves only. Also read this article below to find out more of these haunted places in Pakistan
By: shehroz, karachi on Nov, 25 2017
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Well I never knew Karachi was that much scary. Interesting article though. I am all excited and glad to share it among my friends. I am all excited to access the 12 top most haunted places of Pakistan here.
By: Faizan, Karachi on Sep, 18 2017
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only 6 haunted places are from karachi.
By: kashif farooq, lahore on Nov, 06 2016
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