Live with courage and die with dignity

(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Porto)

Dr. Shakira Nandini

Difficulties come and difficulties will come, troubles will come and troubles will come, troubles are created to come, to catch people, no one can stop them from coming, because that is the will of God.

God did not create troubles to keep them locked up in a prison, they were created to come among the slaves, to catch whoever they wanted. Satan and Iblis have their work, they are busy with their work, troubles, and calamities are also going their way, there is no need to be afraid of them, our intentions and intentions should not be weakened, we and you do not have the courage. Should lose Even if we lose on the field, there is nothing special, don't lose courage, it is a dangerous thing, so live with courage and make the intention to die with dignity.

Dr. Shakira Nandini
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