Cigarettes: A cause of concern

(Mehtab Taj, )

Cigarettes are seriously injurious to health and they need to be criminalize. Cigarettes have been around since 1920’s and since then their popularity has substantially increased. Us humans have become so addicted to this slow poison that we don’t even consider the effects this poison has on our bodies, effects such as lung damage, cancer and environmental pollution.

The smoke people casually inhale from cigarettes affects our lungs directly. Much comprehensive research has been conducted on this matter and all have concluded similarly i.e. smoking directly harms our lungs, making them weaker day-by-day, smoke by smoke, cigarette by cigarette. Our lungs slowly deteriorate leading to critical problems such as asthma, wheezing and other respiratory complications.

One would thing that lung problems are the only side effect smoking has on a human body but the worst side effect that it can have is actually something else namely, “cancer”. Cancer in these times is one of the most leading causes of deaths and smoking is one of most common reasons of developing different types of cancers. One could be smoking peacefully one day and wake up with cancer the next day. Is this, what us humans want, death because of addiction?

The next considerable side effect smoking has is environmental pollution. People these days smoke wherever they please, especially in third-level countries like Pakistan and such. People don’t follow no smoking sign. They smoke where they please and we don’t even consider why it is as so? Isn’t it simply because people don’t face consequences? There are no proper laws are rules that restrict these things because we don’t consider smoking to be injurious or deadly. We consider smoking to be what they cool and rich people do to waste their money and their lives.

I believe it’s about time we consider this grave danger that we face every day. If this is not stopped soon, if cigarettes aren’t banned soon, Millions of people will continue to die and all because we didn’t consider cigarettes as even injurious. Each and every passing day we are seeing more and more people smoke, even the young kids these days are smoking, kids aged 12-14 are smoking, drinking and whatnot. Its about time we step up for our younger generations and made things right for a better future.

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Mehtab Taj
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