Ghaza: A Karbala of Modern Era I

(Dr Syed Mehboob, Karachi)

The genocide, mass killing of Children, the largest one in human history, massacre, slaughter of innocent people in Ghaza is beyond expression. More than eight thousand dead bodies have been counted which includes 5,000 children ,2000 women and elderly people. This is barbaric, inhumane and whole human beings’ heads bowed down with shame except governments of Israel, USA, UK, Germany, India and France. Average 411 children have been killed on daily basis. More than one thousand resolutions have been passed including OIC, UNO, Arab League and many parliaments of the various countries of the world. Millions of people in more than 150 countries came out of the streets recorded their protests but Israel, USA, UK, France governments and their leadership proved themselves deaf and dumb. All possible peaceful means have been used but there is no result. Bloodshed in Gaza continues. The history would never spare these countries who many times hurried to attack any weak country on fake and lame reasons and example is attack on Iraq with a Himalayan lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and committed crime against humanity by killing six hundred thousand innocent people including children and women. Abu Gharib prison and torture cell are to mentioned as example.
Israeli brutality knew no boundaries, no limits, even hospitals, schools, refugee camps, international humanitarian organizations were destroyed and nothing is spared. It is genocide the worst kind in human history. There is no other example in human history of killing children at such a Himalayan scale. Israel is a terrorist state, illicit child of Britain and United States of America, enemy of whole humanity. Ahead of the invasion, the butcher Avigdor Liberman said” There are no innocents in Ghaza.” There is great similarity among Netanyahu, Narender Modi, Joe Biden, Bush, Donald Trump, they are all butchers, they are supporters and killers, they are all black spots on humanity, they are wolves in the shape of human beings. Their faces are different, languages and religions they claim to follow (Although their religions nothing to do with their evil deeds) and their countries are different, but they are friends, allies, have same objectives, their nomenclature is composed of deep hatred, they are actually followers of evil, Satan, devil and Iblees.
The brutality of Isreal is unlimited, uncountable and there are no words to mention it. International volunteers, doctors and paramedics were also targeted and all 35 hospitals were destroyed. No single hospital is remained in a condition to treat injured, wounded, sick and even pregnant women. The smell of blood is everywhere in hospitals many of them become heap of rubbish.
In Pakistan Jamat e Islami, Jamiat Ulema e Islam and Alkhidmat have done excellent job. Millions of people came out in streets to participate in protest marches organized by Jamat e Islami in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and in a million march of school children in Karachi where Siraj ul Huq and Palestinian leaders addressed and in Peshawar and Quetta millions of people participated in protests organized by Jamiat ul Ulema e Islam where Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, Palestinian ambassador in Pakistan and Hamas Leaders addressed. Alkhidmat sent more than Rs one billion equal to about US$ 3.5 million worth of relief goods including medicines and 2.500 doctors including 1, 000 lady doctors.
Ghaza is a Palestinian city in the Ghaza Strip with a population of about 600,000 and is the largest city in the state of Palestine. Its area is only 45 sq. km and density is 73,000 per sqr km. Ghaza is situated on a low-lying and round hill with an elevation of 14 meters above sea level. It is 78 km south of Jerusalem, 71 km south of Tel Aviv, and 30 km north of Rafah. Ghaza is bordering by Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the east and north.
Palestine or State of Palestine is a state in the Southern-Levant region of West Asia. Founded on 15th November, 1988 and officially governed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Ghaza Strip is also its territory all of which have been occupied by Israel since the 1967 six days war. The West Bank contains 65 Palestinian enclaves that are under partial Palestinian rule, but the remainder, including 200 Israeli settlements, is under full Israeli control. Hamas Seized power, after winning the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections. The Ghaza strip has been blocked by Israel and Egypt. After World War II United nations adopted a resolution for a partition plan for Mandatory Palestine, which recommended the creation of independent Arab and Jewish states and international Jerusalem.
14th May, 1948 was a black day in human history when the establishment of the State of Israel was announced. Palestine is a state recognized by 138 out of 193 United Nation’s member states. Palestine comprises of 6,020 sqr km West Bank, 5,655 sq km and Ghaza Strip 365 km, It has a population of 5.48 million. The Ghaza Strip borders Mediterranean Sea to the west, Egypt to the South, and Israel to the north-east. The West Bank is bordered by Jordan to the east, and Israel to the north, south and west.
The possibility of a Jewish state and expulsion, killing and massacre of Palestinians was the aim and objectives of Zionists Organization. In 1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur Bal Balfour stated in a letter to British Jewish Community leader Walter Lord Ruth schild that, “His Majesty’s government views with favour the establishment on Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use that, best endeavor to facilitate the achievement of this object. It is being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political states enjoyed by Jews in any other country.
Through this letter, which became known as the Belfour Declaration, British Government policy efficiently endorsed Zionism. Zionism is an extremist organization like RSS, ISIS and VHP. It is like RSS in India and ISIS in Iraq is based in hatred, terrorism and intolerance. David Ben Gurion was the primary national founder of Israel and became the first Prime Minister of Israel. Ben Gurion’s interest for Zionism developed early in his life, teaching him by major Zionist leader and exclusively head of the World Zionist Organization in 1946.
Israel is illicit child of Britain, patronized and pampered by United States of America and supported by France, Germany and India. It is a so-called country and “HUB OF TERRORISM” in West Asia. It is bordered by the Lebanon to the north, by Syria to the north-east, by Jordan to the east, by Red Sea to the South, by Egypt to the South West, by the Mediterranean Sea to the West, and by the Palestinian territories the West Bank along the east and Ghaza Strip along the southwest. Tel Aviv is its Financial, Economic and Technical Centre seat of Government is in Jerusalem which is internationally unrecognized. In Isreal 71% are Jews and 21% are Arab Muslims. Its area is 20,770 sq. km with a population of 9.812 million in 2023. Its GDP is US$ 537 billion and GDP per capita US$ 54,771.
Hamas (Harkatul Maqawma tul Islamia) is a Palestine political and military organization and freedom fighters engaged in Jehad against Israel. It’s headquartered in Ghaza city, significant presence is in West Bank. Hamas is equipped with strong faith in Allah Almighty, deep attachment with Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). In 1987, after the outbreak of the first Intifada against Isreal, Hamas was founded by Palestinian Imam, a highly pious and God-fearing man Sheikh Yasin. Its current chairman is Islamail Haniya. Hamas has highly dedicated, committed followers whole love martyrdom more than Israelis, Americans and faithful people who have desire and love for life. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for their cause.

To be continued

Dr Syed Mehboob
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