Target Killings In Karachi.

(Hoor Rizwi, karachi)

I am shocked how to show my grief and protest, but unfortunately by each passing day, we are losing our intellectual capital. Our teachers, literates, scholars, researchers, journalists, doctors, advocates and other such technocrats are our nation's shared asset.

As the list of victims died in target killing is too long, I do not know why our authorities are just failed to bring peace and security in our society. Recent target killings of DSP Fateh Mohammad, HR activist Sabeen Mahmud, the assistant professor of University of Karachi, Dr. Waheed-ur-Rehman and the massacre of Ismaili community again raise a question that who is safe and will survive in Pakistan. The beacons of hope for this nation are being snatched away in a systematic manner. We are already far behind in education and progress while all our literates and talented people are being killed then what will be the future of our nation. Our people are left in a continuous state of terror, only witnessing innocent killings one after another.

Through this plateform of your website, I condemn these target killings and request the authorities to immediately take a very strict action against target killer mafia.

Hoor Rizvi
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