One of my best friends told me about harsh words made by certain chairman of a private school. Words were so harsh that my eyes got wet with tears and hardly I could control emotions. The chairman, while he was addressing to an assembly of his school students, said! ‘’ the suicide-bomber who left one Lt. Col. and a few soldiers of Pak Army dead, is a martyr whereas Lt. Col. and his soldiers aren’t SHAHEED. The statement of a citizen of Pakistan has driven me to write my inner-most feelings.

One of the sayings of our beloved Prophet, The chief of prophets, holy PROPHET (SAW) is ‘’ Khawarij ( backsliders, rebels, miscreants, increments ) are dogs of the Hell’’. Applying the meanings of Hadith, we set our opinion before further commentary on the issue, whether or not miscreants are Khawarij? Apparently, the leadership of rebels claim that they aren’t Khwarij, they are just fighting for the sake of Islam, inwardly, instead of fighting against infidels (Mushrik), they are blindly cutting the roots of an Islamic state which is only resistance against infidels of the Sub-continent. Ironically, they are beheading Muslims in the name of Islam. They have also challenged the sovereignty, integrity and unification of the Muslims of Sub-continent. They have denied to accept Imam-e-Kaba as a center of gravity for Muslims all over the Globe and titled him ‘’ puppets of infidels ‘’. In spite of having such ferocious and heinous activities, do they still claim that they aren’t Khawarij? These so-called torch-bearers of Islam and misguided fanatics have no grace, no faith, no ethics and no principles. Ignorance is their trade mark, they are ductile as stones, ferocious as beasts and paramount black spot on the forehead of humanity.

These shameless and unjust miscreants openly titled Pakistan (The pious land) as Na-Pakistan(a rotten or dirty land), Pak Army (The pious Army) as Na-Pak Army (degrade army) and Quaid-e-Azam as kaf’r-e-azam (The leader of infidels). Miscreants claim that being an Islamic state, Pakistan stood with USA and NATO against Taliban and Alqaida. They quote Hadith (one of the sayings of Holy PROPHET (SAW) ‘’ Muslim is brother of Muslim, neither he himself is cruel to other Muslim, nor hand him over to cruel-one’’. (summary of the Hadith )

First of all, we analyse the role of Pakistan played during the invasion of Russians to support Afghan Mujahdeen. Thousands of young Pakistanis interred the Afghan territory to join Jihad against Russian forces. Financial, tactical and logistic support was provided by our gallant armed forces. Was it not demo of Islamic brotherhood? But, Taliban leadership didn’t give any value to sacrifices rendered by the people of Pakistan till the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from the Afghan territory. On the other hand, look at the behavior of Mullah Umer, about one decade ago, when Gen. Musharraf asked Mullah not to destroy the gigantic statues of Buddha that had stood for centuries in Afghanistan. Because it’ s strictly prohibited in Islam and will arise the anger of non-Muslim world for none. Mullah completely denied with his native style and destroyed the statue by dynamite. After 9/11, Pakistani leadership again tried to play its role with the passion of Islamic brotherhood to secure territory from probable massive destruction by carpet-bombing and started negotiations with Mullah about Bin-Ladin issue. We have had not enough force to fight against the whole World aside, a strong combat formation of NATO and USA marines. Mullah again denied and said we’ll fight to protect Bin-Ladin. It was not sensible decision. At last, on the night of 7th October 2001, carpet-bombing was started, the mountains and cities were just blown up and as per estimate after brief channelized resistance, Mullah managed to escape on a Honda motorcycle.
War is a school of deception and also demands for multi-nature resources like human power¬¬¬ __strong intelligence network __financial and economic stability __fast-reacting and hard-hitting forces __reliable communication infrastructure __highly dynamic and qualified command and control and much more. The consequences of the war show that decision was totally based on emotionality and also against the war strategy and tactics. The Afghan territory was almost destroyed by combat forces and war leaves about 1.5 million casualties. The commander managed to escape. Is it not against the passion of to be martyr?

Now we come to the point in question. Why did Pak Army launch operations against TTP and Al-qayeda ? Suppose one of your brothers, who have neglected your fair advices, after committing heinous crimes, forcibly finds shelter under your walls, how would you react the situation? Taliban have already rejected the importance of Pakistan and challenged the writ of Government. Then, why did they inter the Pak territory to find safe havens? The responsibility of our armed forces is to ensure the national security. When intelligence confirmed the presence of some miscreants in the north-western mountainous region of the Pak-territory, on the night of 20th December, operation Kuzaha Punga was launched, after fierce exchange of firing, two militants were killed and the remaining managed to escape whereas ten soldiers met Shahadat. These soldiers are the soldiers of such Army ;
• Under the patronage of that Army, millions of Muslims are living peacefully with grace and enjoying all the fruits of freedom.
• That Army had fought three fatal wars against India.

So what’s wrong with Pak Army? The Army is bound to follow the national and international rules and regulations. Pak Army is central force of the Muslims of Sub-continent. Several efforts were made to demolish Pak Army but failed. Now these misguided fanatics of TTP are busy in their unholy efforts to eliminate the Pakistan. These puppets of infidels are working diabolically to attain the desired results of Anti-Islamic agenda. Since, our gallant martyrs fought against Khawarij bravely to secure the ideology of Pakistan, these martyrs are of high ranking (INSHALLAH, if ALLAH the most high wills )

What was the real objective of war on terror in that region? Off course, Pak army and our national nuclear arsenals were actual target of Anti-Pakistan forces. Some religious fanatics ironically quote that we are being made slaves of America. We reject such reckless statements. We clearly articulate that we are not dependent on USA. We believe in our Allah Almighty. We are promptly against all Anti-Islam and Anti-Pakistan forces. Americans were never ever friends of Pakistan at any phase of the history. In current circumstances, we are left with no option but to be allay in war against terror under the international charter of UNO. Actually, TTP was created by Anti-Pakistan forces to destabilize our Armed forces in the region. Indian intelligence agency RAW was involved in funding TTP. This intriguing plot was created to create unrest in the region which is crucial to bar the development of Pak-China economic Corridor. If ‘’war on terror was real target , US would provide night-flying helicopter for SOFT in time. Actual objective was to engage the Pak army in high rugged mountainous region along the Afghan border far from the Indian borders.

Holy PROPHET (SAW) ordered the Muslims to kill the person, who disintegrate the unification of Muslims (summary of the Hadith) .According to the Hadith, our gallant warriors of Pak Army who fought against miscreants are exalted martyrs (Inshallah if ALLAH the most high wills ), because war against rebels is too much complex rather than war against traditional enemies, designated enemy is defined but rebels are hidden. …..
……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………to be continue


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