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Champa Patel of the Amnesty International, Pakistan branch, (Voice of America, July 20, 2016) has shown her concern over sentences in honour killings cases in Pakistan. The Organization has also given data regarding such killings in previous years. I wish the Organization had its branches in Indian Held Kashmir and raised its voice against brutalities by the Indian Army against the innocent, unarmed and completely helpless children, the youth, the old men and women alike for the last 70 years or so. The International Red Cross Society has also not been allowed to open its offices / branches in IHJ&K. No Indepndent correspondent of any news paper or periodical has gained any access to report upon the inhuman treatments of the Kashmiris at the hands of the occupation army.

The presnt brutalities have crossed all limits. In a month or so more than 55 Kashmiris have been killed through ruthlees firing, more than 200 received bullet injuries. The wouded admitted in hospiltals, instead of proper medical treatment, were chased and rounded up. A strange type of method has been adopted by the Indian Army. Pallets have been fired in the eyes of the wouded youth patients admitted in hospitals. Their bodies have also been subjected to similar firing. There is curfew in Srinagar for the last 14 days. All channels, internet, mobile service, cable and other means of communications are cut off. The kashmiris, cut off from the outer world, are totally at the mercy of Indian Army.

Through a fraudalent Annexation document, copy of which is never showm at any forum, the Indian Government, with the connaivence of Lord Mount Batton, the then Governor General of United India, entered her forces into IHJ&K. Jawahar Lal Nehru, and other Bharati leaders, time and again, assured the UNO, the Indian people, the Pakistani PM and the Kashmiris through speeches, telegrams and statements that the Kashmiris would be granted the right of Plebiscite to determine their future. The promises have not been honored, rather new mischievous interpretation are given by the the Indian Govt. She is not serious at all.

No one is worried. It is a pity that Amnesty International has never made any statement, protest or demonstration protest against Indian atrocities. Same has been the attitude of other Philnathropist international organizations. The Kashmiris are suffering (Details of their suffering since 1947 in general and since 1989 in particular, are available with various Kashmiri organizations. The Sane People on this Globe are Mum, Deaf and Dumb. We all are under test. The League of Nations failed because it could not fulfill the cause for which it was founded. Is UNO performing its duty honestly as far as the Muslims striving for their rights, are concerned? It is a big question put to every human being on this Planet Earth!! The answer, so far, is in the Negative!!

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