What kind of change does Imran khan want?

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An elementary compact party who became one the power house in politics in 2013 election with the powerful Slogan of change. A frequently used word by PTI which motivated the youth but is it an ambition that PTI is tracing or just another strong slogan used to blockhead a large population to achieve desire goals? It is still not comprehensible that what kind of change PTI want. Change of system, change of foreign policy of or just a transposition of an individual from PM seat? The way they are proclaiming about it appears the change of system, but it really doesn’t sounds that truthful because of the system they are pointing fingers at is the same one they are fragment of and acceptably doing politics in it. Anyone who knows that in what sort of situation we are, it will be laborious for him to even think about change and Imran khan is certainly one of them. Our country's economy is leaning upon foreign Aid and dept of which has become like a mountain. It was an ambush in which we are totally trapped and due to which we are being used and blackmailed. If Imran khan wants change than surely he desires to get Pakistan out of this trickery, change the foreign policy, our correlation with India and most importantly to take decisions in sturdy conditions like we which we faced 15 years ago after 911. Will PTI change do all these things? Will they change the tradition of hypocrisy? Will Imran khan keep his words? Next election results may be a change but I hope that result is not just a change of people in power but change in traditional politics done in Pakistan. They are very high chances of PTI coming in power and by this eventuality the dream of Imran khan may be contented but if it’s the only desire he has then it's also possible that may be first and last time he ever come to power. Since 2013 elections there is been a little bit of reflection of what they are saying but it’s not the change this country and PTI are proclaiming about . PTI should keep in intellect that there were lots of changes in history of Pakistan and if it’s the identical change, the change of only PM than this time people may not tolerate it.

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