my favourite book

(sadullah shah, balochistan)

Although, i have read a number of books, my favorite book is ''The holy Quran''. it was revealed to our holy prophet hazrat muhammad P.B.U.H about fourteen hundred years ago. it is the last message of Allah for the guidance of the whole human race up to the day of judgement. it is in Arabic language. it has thirty parts, one hundred fourteen sections and six thousand six hundred sixty six sentences there can be no change in it up to the day of judgement. The Holy Quran is full of knowledge and wisdom. All the Muslims recite it in their prayers. Some Muslim learn it by heart. i also recite it daily with urdu translation. it tells us how to please Allah and how to lead a successful life in the world it tells us how to believe with parents, elders, neighbours ,younger and the liked. it shows us the path of salvation. it deals with all the problems of life faced by all the includes in it the stories of other prophets and the, ancient nations. it handles the problems of the present and predicts about the future. In short, it is a complete guidance, superior ethics and a unique philosophy to solve the problems of the life and of the human race

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