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Internet is now used in world wide and it is very advanced and fast moving technology.It helps in many waysbut in another way it destroy people,its simply depend on its use. But in this article i am talking about net that how does it effect on family members .Firstly it only use by computers but now the net is used all the time with the help of mobiles phones,laptop etc etc and it easy our life but it is not good for our health or it effect in bad wAys.We use net uselessly now its become a time wasted thing which student did.Net come closer to another country relatives,we make new friends but behind this,we far way from our family members ,their is no time for our family it only on food time and some time it doesnot.We far away from our responsibilities,our work are on pending,we forget the important work or also important relations.Our bahaviour changed.Actually we live in one house but we have no time for our family because of just net No doubt net is a good and a very advantage thing but it effect in many ways .I think advantage less and disadvantage more on its people uses.So it is our parent or elder duty to watched children or person that if they use net so much and forget their responsibilty and it effect on family so take strick action ad strickly prohibited the net.

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