Pakistan to apear in 2047


History oscillates as trig function graph oscillates. This cyclic nature of history to approach the dynamic objective of the nature. Evolution rejects the idea of steady state life. As Shakespeare says in iambic pentameter:
All the men and the women, merely players
The have their exits and entrances

Well; a strong ideology plays vital role in sociological evolution anywhere on the face of Globe. Such type of revolutions often break into military conflicts. Carl Clausewitz mentioned the war, in his renowned book ‘’on war’’ ‘’ as political instrument There are several examples of such phenomena in world history. For example, French revolution, in 1789 testifies that socio-military reality. There was Rousseau s philosophy behind the revolution. Marxism appears as fundamental factor In the case of Russian revolution in 1917, which left 100 million causalities. In the history of military regime, Carl Clausewitz reshaped the military tactics and strategies in his famous book ‘’ on war ‘’. An Islamic ideology, divided the sub-continent, resulting in the establishment of Pakistan in 1947.
Well: question rises what is an Islamic ideology? An Islamic ideology is directly proportion to the Motto of Pak Army which is
Eeman taqwa and jehaad was …………………………………………..the motto of BADR O HUNAIN ARMY
Eeman taqwa and jehaad was ……………………………………………the motto of QASIM AND AYUBI

That strong relation of ideology connects our armed forced to a glorious history. The glorious history which we have is a great source of motivation for all of us.
Well now I come to the point, I mean , future of the Pakistan. Pakistan nuclear arsenals growing fast as reported by the different think tanks and institutions of strategic studies from the west. Pakistan is bracketed with those countries which are making massive progress and development in the fields of nuclear and space technology. That systematic and rapid progress in the fields of weaponry and Aero-sciences seems to be astonishing. In 2047, Pakistan would win the highest pedestals of military power in the region. Between Pakistan and China, bilateral relations are of great importance. China is our natural and great source of energy in different sectors of national infrastructure. We are developing a sense of friendship and corporation with China. JF-7 thunder and PCEC are salient examples of that bilateral corporation and friendship.

Well: when we talk about the war on terror, in operation zarb-e-azab we gained successive success against miscreants. In future that miserable terrain will see peace, stability and development. From khunjrab to kurrum valley, that region would be the point of international tourism. Tourism would be served the purpose to increase national economy graph. We salute to martyrs and war veterans of Pakistan Army. They dedicated their precious lives for a great cause. They even saved the pak terrain for the new race. We promise that we will continue their mission with the same passion, dedication and bravery. The ultimate goal of the pak army is to bring peace and stability in the region. After the journey of one century, Pakistan will be the supreme power in the region with the coalition of China. The Pak terrain which is the bed of martyrs, will see climax in all respects if Allah the most high wills. These words are my inner most feelings about the future of my beloved motherland. Death before disgrace. Pak Army zinda bad

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