Being a Pakistani

(Waqar, Islamabad)

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M
The current situation between Pakistan and India is not hidden to anyone. Since 1947, the issue of Kashmir is intensifying gradually by the atrocities of Indian brutalities. Both countries could not succeed to make bilateral discussion fruitful. The passion of sovereignty has also been doubled after the killing of militant leader Burhan Wani, Prime Minister Letter to ban ki moon, special envoys to raise the issue of Kashmir with different powerful country’s head and discussing the matter of Indian aggression on innocent Kashmir peoples at international platform produced the ray of hope toward solution of the problem.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to lead the country as it deserve, the seventy first session of UNGA (United Nation General Assembly) has been started. And India is suffering confusion to claim something about Pakistan. Definitely sushma Sawaraj must have to say something for baseless rumors. For adding just only one line during her speech to blame Pakistan at UNGA, they killed their own 17 soldiers proving the world that attack backed by Pakistan. The hidden story depict the clear picture when Rajnath Singh abruptly cancel his visit to foreign and very next day he was tweeting against Pakistan at incident without any proper investigation. As it’s not something new drama by India, history reveals that kind of dubious act e.g. Mumbai attack, pathancoat attack and many others. It depicts how much India is feared to face before international forum UNGA. For just making the case strong before UNGA they repeat the dramatic history. Our P.M should raise the voice that We can also blame and claim the responsibility of each terrorist attack, but we always prefer to investigate first before blaming because we belong to from civilized nation.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to loud the voice aggressively of Indian atrocities and turmoil in land of paradise. Why India turn the valley into bloodshed? Why India is not implementing the United Nation Resolution which was adopted at its 286th meeting on April 21, 1948? 100 innocent have been killed and more than 5000 injured after the killing of militant leader burhan wani. a lot of people have lose their retina as Indian army used the pelt gun to dispense the protestor. India deployed more than seven hundred thousand army against the population of 13 million.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to put the question against John Kirby’s statement which express that both country solve their dispute bilaterally, Perhaps Mr. Kirby have forgotten that the United State was one of the co-sponsor of the United Nation Security Council Resolution 47 that calls for “a free and impartial plebiscite” in Jammu and Kashmir. Why America’s view slightly changed. Belgium , China, Canada, Colombia and Britain were the other sponsors of the resolution, they should also intervene to find the solution.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to assert Indian intervene in Baluchistan is same as we meddle in Bombay or New Delhi. Baluchistan is our integral part of Pakistan, and we will not compromise on our dignity. We know how to serve and secure every inch of territory. Pakistan is going to change the fate of whole region by developing CPEC through Baluchistan with the Sino Pak friendship. We cannot even think to compare Baluchistan with Kashmir. By religion, History, geographically and accession of Mir Ahmed Khan Yar proves everything. There are some extremist elements in thousands which germs activated recently and motivated through external aid to loud his voice for anti Pakistan. Barhamdag bugti who just want to take revenge of his grandfather ,is raising his voice through Indian media.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to emphasize the needs of more than 3 million afghan refugees in Pakistan from last three decades. As now Pakistan planned very soft strategy to repatriate giving more extensions to wind up or sale their businesses with the standard policy of UNHCR.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to aware all 193 member states of UNGA that war against terror has cost $107 bn, we lost our 536 valiant soldiers and 2272 injured ,and 3500 terrorist killed in intelligence based operation. Perhaps we need not remind the skeptics that no country has suffered more from terrorism than Pakistan. Poor deployment of armed forces along afghan side of the border and inadequate action against terrorist beyond the border making Zarb-e-Azab lengthier.

Being a Pakistani we encourage our P.M to highlight the current situation of Pakistan that Pakistan now has become stable country, it is safe and secure country, the shortfall of energy will eliminate in 2018. And you will find the Pakistan a prosperous and stabilize region of south asia. We want peaceful relation with every country to bring more progress in the region.

We hope that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will apply his full experience of politics for any peaceful solution of Kashmir and overcome other challenges to Pakistan under the discussion with powerful member states.


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