Cost of National Security

(Tariq Nazir, Quetta)

The Cyril Almeida report in Dawn pointed finger at the role of security forces in the war against terrorism. It is a question mark on the sacrifices of thousands of civilians and security forces rendered for the country. It questions the efforts and implementation of national security plan. It seems as if some government and media officials are trying to make the entire process of fighting terrorism as controversial, contradictory and provocative. It looks a plot made by the enemies. Removing Pervez Rasheed is just a face saving effort.

It is an act of treason and it demands the guilty be hanged, no matter whosoever. National security demands hard decisions and punishments, publicly, to convey the message to other guilty people. Pakistan is facing such type of treason acts ever since. It is because no one has taken hard decisions against traitors or punished the guilty. If national security forces can sacrifice their lives to protect the national security and integrity, then these people must be hanged to protect the national security and integrity, as well.

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