Rich Employees and Poor Employer

(Muhammad Rehan Ayub, karachi)

I still remember my first job in an IT office where I was appointed on 6000 per month salary. I was a bit excited and I did my best there to get a handsome increment in a year. After a hard work and spending days and nights to prove my metals in the company throughout the year, I was called on, my heartbeats went high and at the peak of ecstasy, I entered in the room of my boss where he welcomed me with his warmed greetings. Before I went to the room, I had made various plans that what and what I would do after getting my increment. It also had occurred in my mind that since I had done all of my tasks with flying colors, I might get 100% increment in my salary. Anyhow, I was there in front of my boss and he was praising for my efforts throughout the year. After all of his praise, he passed an appraisal letter to me and I presumed that he had passed a blank cheque to me.

My all plans got ruined and my all hopes perished when I saw the letter in which I was given a big appraisal of small Rs: 1000. My salary had become 7000 then and since I had no courage to argue on this with the boss, I came to my seat and started doing my work with the hope that I would be given a big appraisal next time.

I’m sure this is not the case only with me; it would be the story of many employees like me whose weaknesses and compulsions become the strength of their employers. They sacrifice with their health, their family, their friends, and their youth and give everything to their work yet they get nothing. You may have heard many times that whenever an employee makes his nerves strong goes directly to his boss to discuss about his low salary or increment, he comes back with a bewildered face after listening some lame excuses by the boss.

I still remember the day when one of my friends was denied to get bonus from his company because of loss in business and the same day he went Golf Club to get the membership of his boss renewed.
Here, you can say that there are many organizations which do care about their employees and where employees are treated with handsome salaries and adequate increments. But, have you seen any organization that has got immense debts, that is going in huge losses and still it offers its employees gigantic increments and bonuses? If you haven’t, here I introduce you an organization that has done this remarkable work this year. It is our “Pakistan”.

On Thursday, 24 November, 2016, the state minister for Information and Broadcasting, Marriyum Aurangzeb announced around 150% increment in the salaries of the parliamentarians of Pakistan. She added that that was not possible for ministers to go on with their low salaries (Rs: 60, 996 per month). Therefore, government then had decided to make each parliamentarian’s salary at least Rs: 150,000 plus allowances per month. Two questions come up here; can Pakistan really afford this kind of increment? Do our parliamentarians really deserve this extraordinary increment?

If it is talked about Pakistan, everyone knows about the debts the country owes. We as a nation owe more than 22 trillion rupees and every citizen of Pakistan owes more than Rs 100, 000 in it. A country that is suffering from these huge debts and liabilities can really afford this kind of increment? Or the government will take some more loans now to increase its ministers’ salaries, to buy some new bomb poof cars, to buy helicopters for chief ministers, or to renovate the bathrooms of the Prime Minister house?

Won’t Sohail Warraich say now, “Kia Ye Khula Tazaad Nai?”
Will Khuwaja Asif say,”Koi Sharam Hoti h, Koi Haya Hoti h”

If we talk about the deservedness of our ministers, during some last years, none of the ministers have done any extraordinary (they even don’t do their ordinary work) work that they should be given this huge increment.
Has Khuwaja Asif made a high speed rail in Pakistan that he has been given this increment? Has Sartaj Aziz removed the tag of terrorism with the name of Pakistan that he has been given this increase? What on earth have these ministers done?

Imagine our ministers as employees and our prime minister, Nawaz Shareef as a boss. What would have he said? He must have said,
” Ok folks, I’m impressed with your consistent poor performance and rising corruption. Here you go with you 146% increment,”

Almost all of the ministers in our parliament are from upper or I should say from elite class and I still can’t understand that how come they can ask for increment their salaries. Most of them have their own businesses and the salary from the parliament should be tantamount to pennies for them.
If you look for the cheapest canteen throughout in Pakistan, your finding will end at the canteen of the parliament. Will there be any other good example of “Dichotomy” that the richest people of the country are served with the cheapest yet quality food?”

Anyhow, all of our criticism will be shut up with a single word, “Democracy”. This is our democracy that compels common people to live hand to mouth on their daily wages of Rs: 300 to 500 and this is the democracy that facilitates its ministers with every luxury. In short, I would say this is the democracy that makes us to sacrifice leaders like Raheel Shareef!

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