Residents of Jammu & Kashmir want freedom from India

(Abdul Qayyum Rao, Sargodha)

Map of Kashmir

Instead of coming on table for peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue, India is doing atrocities in India Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Residents of Jammu & Kashmir want freedom from India but India is not accepting their genuine Demand of self Determination.

To show their determination for freedom, people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir start protests, rallies and processions against illegal occupant India. The same is happening since 1947.

Recent wave of Freedom movement started when Kashmiri youth Leader Burhan Wani, embraced Shahadat. He was martyred by Indian Army when he was leading a freedom procession against India occupation, Burhan Wani proved a great Freedom Fighter of Kashmir as Late Bhaghat Singh (Shaheed) proved a freedom fighter during British rule in India before 1947. Similarly Late Burhan Wani was fighting for Liberation from Indian illegal occupation of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOK).

Kashmir people are struggling for their freedom; they are not Terrorist, as India posturing them in the world. Best Solution of Kashmir Issue is UN Managed Plebiscite (Referendum) in Kashmir as per UN Resolutions of 1948 and following years.

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