Aleppo: The burned City with tons of dead bodies

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

"Everyone in Aleppo is depressed," an activist on peace in Syria told Media Centre Inside Syria. "They don't know what they have done to become targets for the non-stop aggression. Fear is clear in the eyes of anyone you see walking the streets of Aleppo. Yesterday I saw a woman walking on the street and crying, no clear reason, just crying."

Women from this city written to Scholars of Ahle-sunnat that either it is right to commit suicide then falling in the victim of terrorism and rape from Syrian army. Heart breaking messages from people of Aleppo are received to international communities that “they are going to leave this world”. These messages can bring tears in the eyes of anyone. Bloodshed and continuous bombardment has stopped kids of Syria (Aleppo) from crying, they are so much terrified that they forgotten to cry.

"The mortar shells from the side of the moderate opposition destroyed residential centers, overwhelmed hospitals and angered diplomats meeting at the United Nations". No wonder. Let’s look at yesterday’s violations from the site of terrorists.

In the Aleppo province, insurgents of Harakat Nur al-Din al-Zinki have fired mortars, MLRS, and small arms against Muheim Handrat inhabited area, Ramusi, 1070, Hai al-Ansari, al-Ramusi, Salah al-Din, Hai al-Khalidiyah quarters, and the armament school in the city of Aleppo. The firing was held on the Kastello mall, Leramon area, inhabited areas of Benjamin, Shurpfa, Sheikh Ali Kobtani, quarter Hai al-Ansari.

Syrian army under the orders of President Basharul Asad killed a lot of people in Aleppo and the city of peace and beauty has turned to ruins and ashes. Basharul Asad claimed victory over militants in Aleppo but for attainting this victory massive killing of innocent people of Aleppo was made. Beside this claim the cross fire between the two groups was continued.

The truce as a result of the offensive.

The insurgents and its allies continue with their mortal shelling from the rebel-held side of Aleppo on Monday despite global condemnation over their actions that has killed hundreds in the past several days. It is the answer to the newly launched offensive of the Syrian armed forces.

In the Aleppo province, Beniyamin, Shurfa, southern farms in Sheikh al-Kobtani, Hai al-Ansari, 1070, Leramon quarters of Aleppo, and the Kastello trade centre have been shelled by the insurgents of Harakat Nur al-Din al-Zinki with improvised MLRS, artillery guns, IFVs, mortars, AT missile complexes and small arms.

In the Latakia province, illegal armed formations have fired mortars against Ain al-Qantara and positions of the government troops near Abu Ali Mountain. Militants of Ahrar al-Sham have fired those areas.

To save their races people from Syria tried to migrate to nearby countries but they were not welcomed by any country. These migrants are forced to spend their lives in misery in camps made on Syrian borders. They don’t have much to eat, wear and not enough resources to fight with the cold weather. A lot are killed in these camps because of starvation and season’s harshness.

In this war of Kurd Rebels and Bashar Ul Asad result in killings of common public. Hundreds of these Muslims are still stuck in Aleppo .These unarmed personnel are victims of war in which they are not even part.

International community, Muslim communities and other Human Right authorities should take an active part to evacuate common people from Aleppo. These Muslims are also human beings, a help should be forwarded to them globally. At least Muslim State should stand beside them as a Muslim Brotherhood.

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