I Want To Find My Passion

(Huma Khan, Karachi)

 As we all know God has gifted inner qualities to everyone but to polish these qualities is the first responsibility to everyone. When I was in my childhood, I have designed some dream for my future as a normal child. Suddenly I observed these dreams to come true. I did not know what was that from that time. I believed that special things happened might be that was a miracle or innocence of a child mind. As I brought up changes are came accordingly that made me confuse and jeopardize. What is happening in my life? A person who is dreaming to become a doctor in future suddenly she decided to become a writer, teacher, designer and many more who is for what purpose don’t know only He knows. The inner qualities are God gifted but to develop these are the responsibility of each.
To find your passion, it’s a unique task. This task consists of several levels such as: Education, specialization, body language, professionalism, passion hurdles, experiences and many more. These are not enough your passion makes you different in a crowd. By passion means not only your career, your education, your life goals. Passion is the combination of your dream which you were dreaming from your childhood and you are achieving it after certain age. Passion is the main ingredient in your career, your love to your dream, to design your career better your imagination.

To add some passion to your career is not so much hard it is a peanut which you can easily chew but it hard to digest. It digest with the capsule of hard work, hard and hard work. As you work hard you find your passion soon if you lose you cannot get anything. As a youth if you find your passion but passion needs to polish and you have decide to polish it. For this you have to work hard step by step. These step are so hard but with strong mind you will have to complete these easily.

Get education according to your passion. Whatever you wants to be starts getting education with heart and soul. Education provides unlimited ways to your career and if you have passion no one beat you. Your education is your specialization and first step towards your destiny. Your destiny checks you. How much honest and passionate for your career and for your future? Add some creativity to this step Education is unlimited try to come out from book knowledge with your creativity makes your education more interesting. You can more learn by your circle share your ideas and education among them they will helps to making more interesting and informative it’s not only education. Its changes into infotainment. Education plus + entertainment. This interactive activity makes your work interesting. Take interactive sessions such as: meetings, group discussions, seminars also. These helps to increase your knowledge, confidence and maintain your body language.

Always keeps your body language positive whatever you learn from anywhere try to apply on yourself also. Your positive body language takes you high everywhere where you never thought before. Again hard work is the key of everything. Your body language develops when you feel that people are looking at you, they are counting you, for this you have to show yourself among the high profile people. For making your body language effective take part in debate work on your thinking, work on speaking style, walking and sitting way among the people. Keep remember people counts your outer qualities first if you are beautiful from outside its means that you have talent inside also. Your body language shows: How much professional you are? With your career and your passion.

Make yourself as professional from start don’t get it loose. No need to take help from anybody. As a professional taking help from anyone makes you inferior in front of others. Do hard work for everything how much tiny it is and how much large it is. You are a professional a professional is also a politician, always keep your problems away from other don’t allow any body to enter your professional life or matters. This shows the loyalty to yourself and your passion. Now you are well maintain and mature person but few matters also involves which can resolve only when you go in to your professional field so tie your waist and enter in your field like a warrior.

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