Blood Pressure Prevention Tips

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Shakira Nandini

Blood pressure is the silent killer of heart disease or stroke risk is on the increase seriously. The disease may be different reasons for that is posed to an adult in three, and the drugs are helpful to keep in control. However, you can find naturally also control his or changed a few habits in your lifestyle. The seven steps can be taken through normal blood pressure is below.

Physical activity helps to prevent high blood pressure. Does in fact have a tremendous impact exercise routine bnalyna flesh and blood pressure is reduced to a source is, exercise an hour for at least 30 minutes a week blood pressure levels to stabilize, even walking my heart that only the best for your health.

Slowly and take deep breaths to help you stay calm and reduce blood pressure, blood vessels, resulting in heart rate can improve the breathing exercises are much more flexible.

Stay calm
It happens to a lot of stress causes the blood to boil for at least a while. According to the American Heart Association is the heartbeat speeds while tensions are shrinking blood vessels, which increases blood pressure for some time. Stress and mental health is essential for overall health care routine, which wander the best way to forget all the stress and confusion for a while.

Minimal use of coffee,
It is for those who like to drink coffee, you will be more prone to high blood pressure and refrain from any use of caffeine, because this element increases the speed of the heartbeat and blood pressure. Now it is clear that caffeine increases blood pressure why it is definitely enough to use for more than 4 cups of coffee a day renders the patient blood pressure.

Maximum use of tea
Tea makes better use of blood pressure over the long term, according to a study of twelve weeks of tea used blood pressure level is less than 2.6 mmHg astulk and 2.2 mmHg dayastulk, in this regard, green tea is the most rewarding since the number of tea without milk.

Avoid tobacco smoke
Nicotine in cigarettes increases blood pressure, so those days are over increasing tobacco smoking is the best protection from the increased blood pressure is always the same, which are avoiding heart disease and stroke.

Make yogurt part of the diet
Add yogurt prubayutyks that help keep blood pressure at healthy levels, the lower the better part of the reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels are brought in the polling, according to a study.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers should also consult your doctor know about it

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