A Cursory Look At Bharat

(sarwar, lahore)

A Cursory Look At Bharat
Arundhati Roy, a renowned Indian activist and writer, deserves appreciation for her lamentation about domination of Upper Class Hindus in all walks of Indian society. According to her the Upper Class Hindus not only ruled India since 1947 and used Indian soldiers to kill their own country men in various parts of India and Indian Held Jammu and Kashmir, but also grabed almost all the key appointments in every Government / Semi Government institutions. They domininated the other classes and minorities in all fields. However, this domination is felt more pronounced in jobs in government managed departments like foreign affairs, administration, police, armed forces, commerce, industry, foreign trade, customs, excise and taxsation, education and Indian air line. Dr. Umbeed Kar, a very popular Dalit leader, besides his lifelong struggle, could not achieve any thing worthwhile for the Dalits. He was enticed by the hypocracy of the Congress leardership. Whatever was assured to him for the Dalits, in the Indian Constitution, was never put into practice. Thus the minorities, against all assurances given by Mahatma Ghandi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and other top Congress leadership in 1940s, and later by the “Secular Constitution” are deprived of their legitimate share in various walks of life.

The youth of the minorities and Low Cast Hindus were not provided equal chances in attaining education, hence laged far behind while competiting for various posts at federal and provincial levels. This deprivation had far reaching effects on their performance in other fields as well. They could neither compete in open market in any field nor could safeguard their interests. They could neither raise their voice effectively nor were heard at any level. Resultantly they felt dejected and humilated at the hands of their own countrymen, especially the Upper Caste Hindus. Thus they don’t find any way out to come out of the present pathetic situation; hence forced to live like slaves to serve their Masters i.e Upper Class Hindus.

The Dalits despite in great number, have never been a potent threat to Brahaman India’s soveregnity and integrity. Surprising the Dilats though not a potent threat to the Hindus, yet have also been the targets of the Hindus. The Upper Class Hindus, encouraged by the Non- resistance behavior of their fellow-religion started crossing limits, otherwise assured to them under the Indian Constitution. The Dalits, till today, feel highly insecure in practicing their customs, rites and other social obligations. This helped setting new but dangerous trends against the Dalits in the society. Cases of abduction, rapes of minor girls, collective rapes, murders, absuses, mis-behaviour/defamation in the public, not much heard of in the past, are quite common and pages of Newspapers are replete with narration of such events. It is irony that the Government functionaries turn deaf ear to the complainants especially when they happen to be from minorities. Maya Mati, the present leader of the Dalits, has been abused publically with four purposes:
1. To prove to the Dalits that the Hindus damn care for the leaders of other communities.
2. The Dalits should not fly high, and know their worth.
3. To convey a threat directly to Maya Mati, to curtail her political activities.
4. To counter the possibility of emergence of any worthwhile leadership among the Dalits;
assassination of political career of Dalits’ leadership.

The Sikhs have also been dealt with accordingly. The Province of East Punjab, after adding small areas here and there, was divided into three provinces, only to remove the “Cutting Teeth” of the Sikhs. The Golden Temple was raided and desecrated only to prove that the Hindu India was not bothered about the religious places/feelings of the Sikhs. Look at the losses of Sikhs (30.000 in a few days were murdered in Dehli only) and property woth of trillion dollars was looted, burnt or damaged, due to reaction shown by angry Hindus (Mostly RSS extremists), immediately after Indra Ghandi’s Murder!! It really broke the back-bone of Sikh militants, as well as the community - never to rise again. It made the Sikh community meek, weak and completely subservient to the Hindus. The Sikhs, just like the followers of Janism and Buddhaism, are slowly being merged into Hinduism. Presently they provide agricultural products to the country and human fodder to the Armed Forces only to be consumed in supperession of freedom movements or for commiting atrocities on the down trodden segments of the Indian society. The top Madman and one of the ten top terrorists on our globe, quite recently, has enticed the Akali Dal to join BJP in the forthcoming elections. The Sikhs will onec again be mesmerized by the cunning Modi with the sole purpose of cooling down any movement by the Sikhs to rise for freedom of their Community and Homeland.

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