The stupid is as stupid does

(Sidra Arshad, Karachi)

As a hardcore pti and imran khan supporter i somehow supporting his stance on Psl final that it was risky to conduct due to certain outburst of terrorism in different part of country. But when the order was taken by nawaz shareef to conduct psl final in lahore it was khan duty to come forward to support his country cricket because this country give him recognition from cricket first. sharif family conducted psl final in Lahore to divert attention from panama case that point of your thought was debatable and somehow true but you ate continuously giving them space to divert attention by making senseless comments. Khan sahb should learn something from shaikh rasheed that how to mold your views on certain occasions will give you benefit. Pakistani nation is mad about cricket and this match gave them ultimate happiness that was not just the match that was statement given by our people against terrorism. I admit that that many big player refused to come to Pakistan but from now on we have something to show them that our country is safe enough for playing any kind of sports. Khan sahb we are your supporter and we will correct you if you take any stance wrong so stop ing your saying about psl because stupid is as stupid does.

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آپ کی رائے
GOOD Expression regarding PSL and Khan
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Mar, 09 2017
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