New beginning with Rad-ul-fasad

(Sidra arshad, Karachi)

Pakistan is facing terrorism from last 16 year.There is no single major city and place which was not affected by terrorism. Terrorism have killed our several great leaders like Benazir Bhutto,thousands of civilians and soldiers. Pakistan army started operations zarb-ul-azab after terrorist attack Jinnah International Airport of Karachi. General Raheel was head of that operation and this operation got marvelous success and Pakistan army successfully took control of many no go areas of Waziristan and network of taliban was demolished by Pakistan army. After APS attack Pakistani government and army made national action plan with consent of all political parties.Things are getting better day by day but in the month of February new wave of terrorism start by some left over terrorist which was successfully fleed from Pakistan and now residing in Afghanistan. These people are puppets of western nation and India because they do not have any moto or ideology but they are playing in hand of India so that the idea of CPEC will not become reality. These terrorists were thinking that after retirement of Raheel sharif operation against terrorism will get affected but General bajwa took great decision by starting operation Rad-ul-fasad in Pakistan and Rangers operation in Punjab .Rad-ul-fasad will help to culminate remaining terrorist and their facilitators. But the main responsiblity of government and security forces is that they should emit the typical mindset behind terrorist activities. All authorities in Pakistan should make it clear to all torch bearer of society that terrorist in any form is still terrorism. Government should ban hate speeches sof that no state work within state. No one is above law if we want to end terrorism then we should end the word good or bad if any group is working against law of state it should get ban. Last week I was watching press conference of chohdary nisar in which he was blaming social media for blasphemy and terrorism but if certain elements in social media was doing anything wrong it doesn't mean that government should ban all means of social media but it was responsibility of government to strengthen its Institute fIA so that they could end terrorist communication with each other through Internet. Pakistan government should take stand on making boundaries across border with Afghanistan. We should have to start visa policy with pakistan so that government can have check and balance on movement across borders. Pakistan is facing internal turmoil it will be Short lasting if we successfully eradicate the roots of terrorism. Rad-ul-fasad will determine dimensions of Pakistan in near future and we should believe that Rad-ul-fasad will be the landmark decision in history of Pakistan.

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