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Once considered a blue-eyed, charming and intellectual boy, and a designated Ambassador of Pakistan to the World’s most influential Country USA, by the slain Motarma Benazir Zardari/ Bhutto, is now blasting with every new weapon against all the odds to the entire embarrassment and mortification of the rulers and security establishment. Had survived Memo-Gate scandal during Zardari reins is not disowned by all his buddies.

He delivered yet another write up to spray salt on the wounds which are to still to be treated. He proclaimed that his “Connections” helped the world to get rid of Osama Bin Laden. It is yet to be decided whether he is claiming the “Reward Money” of that quest or his motives are somehow far more than that. It is generally accepted by the concerned quarters that the timing of his article is to apply more and more pressure from Trump to have more harsh instances with Pakistan.

Apparently his claims have frustrated PPPP higher-ups specially Mr Zardari and naturally been disowned by his own partners and friends in ill-positioned PPPP as well. Now the ball in Zardari sahab’s court whether he succeeded to clarify Haqqani’s role being the former President of Pakistan.

SEALs Operation of US Navy allegedly killed OBL on May the 2nd, raised lots of questions on Pakistan's intelligence failure and its response to territorial violation, and naturally everyone wonders what sort of planned help Haqqani could have provided other than allowing Visa facilities to the agents while sitting some thousands Miles away from the motherland, and whether the security administrations were all in dark for what was happening under their Nose? What a plot it exactly was which really camouflaged our Top Ranked Security Agency in the World! This point is propagated to defame our national interest.

Many people believe and rightly so that the timing of Haqani’s article is more important than what has been written, since no new information is revealed. It is a fact that Trump administration under the influence of Anti Pakistan elements present in the US cadres are striving hard to lessen Pakistan’s important specially in the global war against terrorism, needless to mention here that by now Trump administration does not include Pakistan’s name in the countries banned for certain logic, meaning by that Trump administration yet to decide the role of Pakistan in the global perspective and such ‘gone with the wind’ sort of issues can instigate yet another ‘pandorabox’

Apart from the above, it is untoward a fact that our Rulers, Parliamentarians and Judiciary have absolutely failed to unveil reports publicly on issues like Abbotabad Commission, Memo Gate Scandal, Panama Leaks and such long-awaited imperative findings of the commission after hours in fact days and weeks long debates in concerned quarters and in the end non-publication of such important findings naturally led to speculations and nothing more. Ironically, we being the nation love talking on trivial issues with spicy tongues on Ayan Malik, Veena Malik, Rehman Malik, Gullo Batt, Muktara Mai, Murad Saeed and such.

Haqqani is accused to facilitate visa to CIA personnel then the question arises that who actually gave Pakistani Visa to Osama Bin Laden and dozens of his relative to live peaceful and lavish life in Abbotabad, a neighbor town of an important military installations.

It is known that Hussain Haqqani being both an intelligent, intellectual has started his political as a ‘reluctant jihadi’ as a student leader of Islami Jamiat-e-Talba (IJT) and then he turned to help Mian Nawaz Sharif for his speeches and interviews, may be under the kind supervision of General Zia’s administration. It is generally believed that his qualities as a good writer, speaker and articulator helped him to win that his services first to Nawaz Sharif and then to Benazir Butt for the entire satisfaction of his Bosses. Even ever hardliner (Retired) ISI Chief, Lt General Hameed Gul was fond of him before Haqqani was appointed as high Commission to Sri Lanka.

Now PPP and its cadre are forced to disown him, the fact of the matter is that Haqani was the Secretary Information and then Pakistani Ambassor to the US, and the information he had while Secretary Information of Pakistan he had been irritating many in the PPP cadres.

He proclaims himself a liberal and moderate, and that is exactly what everyone thinks himself/ herself in our Country but it is far away from believing that he had the capabilities trading someone like Osama Bin Laden.

Unfortunately Pakistan in the past, remained the 'training ground' for terrorists and extremists and honestly speaking we are the worst victim of our brainless and blind-folded doings but in the post 9/11, Pakistan has been doing far better than many its coalition partners though or acted as far as war against terrorism is concerned as it fought the battle, and still striving hard to eliminate terrorism from the every fabrics of our nation.

Operations are being led and launched by our law enforcement agencies successfully eradicating every possible wave of terrorism and while doing such wonders it is but natural to face hurdles and ‘Haqqani’s’ quest is not so much helpful rather it hurts our national cause.
We look forward that finding and outcome of commissions’ reports if now public atleast may be acted upon by the concerned quarters and actions as proposed be taken without any further hesitance to safeguard our national interests so as to make Pakistan a responsible country.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is cooperating with regional powers to initiate a journey toward prosperity in the shape of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and those Powers whether Global, Regional or Local are to be taken into account against such projects because these mischievous are methodically more than and impatient to ruin our journey and to counter such evil forces we, being Rulers, Opposition and Public should stick to our commitments and promises for the better Pakistan not only for us but for our future generations.

May Allah bless us with prosperity, intellect and success. Ameen

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