Water is a great source of health

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What if we were tell you that you a very simple change in ur life style could help give much better health?what if we told you it could help give u softer,clearer skin? How about if we said it could help with weight loss? What if we told u it was cheap and readily available? Would you be interested?

We think virtually everyone reading this would answer yes to these questions. But what is this miracle? It's a water!
Now we can here the groans from you and the'but water is so 'BORING' but here us out on this. Amazing benefits of water are here.

There are simply numerous benefits to drinking plenty of water each day,the first and most obvious one is so we don't become dehydrated and thirsty. Not drinking enough can cause many problems in our body. Our body is made uo of,on average, 57_60 percent water so it is very important we keep that topped up throughout the day. Here are five reasons to drink more water.

Increases mental functioning, improves focus and reduces fatigue. Our brain id around 74 percent water so you can imagine how it gets affected if you don't drink enough.

We are constantly producing by_ products of the many chemical processes happening in our body. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out those toxins through our skin when we sweer,and when we go to the toilet, imagine trying to wash a car with a teapot instead of using a hosepipe. The hosepipe will do the job much better. Same for aur body.

Water is one of the best skin moisturizers around because iy hydrates our skin from the inside out,giving us a glowing complexion and helping to reduce wrinkles.

Many headaches and sometimes even migraines are caused by not having enough water our brain. Making sure we drink enough water will massively help keep those headaches away. Think about when you have a hangover, that's purely because the brain is dehydrated. So drinking water before you go to bed after a night out can keep those hangovers away.

Drinking water can help remove all those by products i mentioned in tio two if tgese by_products can't be released from the body they can accumulate, especially in fat cells,and help cause us to store more fat. Drinking water before a meal also reduces thr amount of food needed to feel full.

So how much is enough? Official guidelines recommend eight cups of water per day,which is around two liters.

This is a great starting point but if you're more active then you will require more water. Try to drink between two and three litres per day but if you're doing a long gym session you my require a little more.

There's a great way to make water taste great and that's to make an infusion.

One thing you could try is filling a large jar with water tgen add a few slices of cucumber, two or three slices of lemon, lime or orange (or a mixture of those),a few leaves of mint and some fresh rosema. Add the ingredients, shake them up and leave the jar in the fridge over night. In the morning you have an amazingly healthy and tasty.supply of water. You can also add fruits. The water tastes and looks great.
Now there's no excuse to reach for that water.

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