Why India is afraid of CPEC?

(Maha nadeem khan, Karachi)

As CPEC is a part of China's grand vision, known as OBOR, the vision extends from the Baltics in Europe to South East Asia and from China to Africa. The road transverse all the countries in between. CPEC is not merely an ordinary economic corridor or a transit trade route, put it would be a fate changer project of Pakistan that will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will have possible impact on Iran, Afghanistan, India, Central Asia Republic and the Region.

The economic corridor was signed or established on 20th April 2015 at a budget of $54 billion USD, is intended to improve Pakistan's economy by the rapid construction of improved road, rail and air transportation system with frequent and free exchanges of growth and people to people contact, activity of higher volume of trade and businesses, rapid construction of modern transportation infrastructure, establishment of special economic zones and augmented power generation capacity. This win win model will surely result in a well connected, integrated region of shared destiny, harmony and development.

CPEC is a 3000km network of roads, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas from Gwadar port to Kashgar city, northwestern China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Proposed by Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Pakistan in May 2013. The project was first proposed by General Pervez Musharraf, but due to political instability in the country it was step down. The subsequent government proposed it again when former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari invited all political parties in honor of the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on 22nd May 2013 at lunch. Both sides have decided and agreed to build an economic corridor. In February 2014, China to discuss further plans regarding CPEC, two months later Pakistan Prime minister met Premier Li Keqiang in China, this meeting was resulted in the full scope of the project to be devised under Sharif's tenure. Finally, in November 2014, Chinese government announced its intentions to finance Chinese companies, as part of its $45.6 billion energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan as part of CPEC


A question may arise why India is scared of CPEC while everyone is listening to CPEC?
A country whose GDP is 2.3 trillion dollars, that is of India, while GDP of Pakistan is only 250 million dollars, 1.3 billion peoples lives in India while in Pakistan only 200 million people live. There is a port in CPEC known as Gwadar port, Since a port is always judged on 3 things that is depth, number of births and third is the labor cost.
Statistically, when it comes to discussion and consideration of ports in region we've often heard about Jebel-Ali (depth 9 meter), Bandar-Abbas(depth 9 meter, in Iran), Dammam (depth 9 meter), Doha Qatar(depth 11 meter), Oman Salalah(depth 10 meter), Chabahar port with India (depth 11 meter), while the depth of Gwadar port is 18 meter. If Jebel Ali has played a huge role in taking up UAE's and entire of the economic growth in the region with only 9 meter depth, imagine what we call 18 meter depth of Gwadar.
When it comes to number of births Jebel-Ali has 67 births, Bandar Abbas has 24 births, Dammam has 39 births, Doha has 29 births, Oman Salalah has 19 births, Chabahar has 10 births, Gwadar has 120 births.
As China's economy is oil dependent, China consumes 10.3 million gallons per day, and from which it mostly imports, 51% of import of oil is through Middle East that is through Jebel Ali, Salalah and so on. It mean 400 million dollars a day China imports oil. From which 82% of this 51% goes through states of Malacca, it takes 3 and a quarter month to reach Shanghai.

On the other hand in western provinces of China. If this oil comes through Kashgar or Gwadar port to China it will only take 28 days, it is obvious China is than go for this oil import through Gwadar rather than Jebel Ali.

As azad Kashmir is part of CPEC from which in Cohutta there is a project of 1100 megawatts, Neelum Jhelum 959 mega watts project, 1300KM road in Gilgit Baltistan, Hence in Jammu Kashmir (Arunachal Pradesh) China is not investing a single penny, now people of Kashmir will think since they are already suffering, now a 1300 kms belt is built of road, Pakistan is on the other hand a part of 2.5 trillions dollar trade (including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit). Now to live on earth India necessarily needs direct foreign investments.

Nevertheless, when Pakistan will become part of 2.5 trillios dollars economy it will connect it with 40 countries. World bank says 7% per year economy will be gained, however, world bank always gives estimates very low, so in next 10 years, if our GDP will grow from 10% -11% or even at 7%, we are looking at 600-700 billion dollars a year which is the documented economy. In 25 years we will be a trillion to trillion and a half economy, it mean we will we equal to India's economy and our relations with 40 countries were on the basis of economy, so there self interest will be with Pakistan and when self interest of countries join they do not let one country to spread terror on other country. When Pakistan through China become economically strong it will be a threat to India. There is also Asian infrastructure bank which is part of CPEC in which China has invested 160 billions in 2013, through this 160 billions, all of the investment from Kashgar to Pakistan and other countries will be land on project.


More than 30 agreements among the 51 agreements and memorandums of understanding worth $46 billion are designed to boost the CPEC project. Early results of planned corridor have seen 25 projects scheduled to be completed in the next 3-5 years. In total more than $1 billion worth of projects are to be developed around the port of Gwadar by December 2017. Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said, the corridor would transform Pakistan into a regional hub and give China a shorter and cheaper route for trade with much of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. And it will grant a number of employment opportunities

"Hence, CPEC is our bloodline, CPEC is our guarantee for economic development and growth, Gwadar is our economic growth guarantee. Therefore, prosperity is about to come in Pakistan. Enemy or people or evils who are standing against CPEC are standing against Pakistan"

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