Hope springs eternal

(Sidra arshad, Karachi)

From last 15 days statement of Hussain Haqqani was making headlines on tv. He in an article written by him admitted that he issued visas to CIA official to facilitate their research for Osama Bin Laden. Then after some time official document was released un media stating that "The ambassador in Washington is empowered to issue visas valid upto one year without embassy having refer such aforenment visa application to concerned authoities in Pakistan " states the letter. This letter have sign of former secretory Nargis sathi. Ex pm Yosuf Raza Gillani have denied all reports by saying that he nor Asif Ali Zardari issued visas without conset of security agencies. Pakistanis will forget murder charges, corruption allegations but they will not forget about perfidious allegations. So its government responsibility to inquire about these serious allegations and if anyone is found guilty punish them because state always come first. Hussain haqqani fleed from Pakistan by promosing court that he will come to whenever Jude's will call him but bot comming to Pakistan instead writing contoversial article's about Pakistani establishment. Defense minister Khwaja Asif that he will make commision and will inquire about all allegations. So we should be optimistic and think that khwaja Asif will fullfill his promise and the commision will be slightly diferent from other comission and judjement of this comission will come in media and the persons involved in this will get punished despite of whatever status they were carrying in Pakistan. We can become slight imaginative after all hope springs eternal.

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