Soft drinks are soft killers

(Katiba sana, Karachi)

Soft drinks can be one of the greatest carriers of environmental toxins. Most requires additives and preservatives, which consist of chemical substances. Unfortunately, these substances can actually be harmful to our bodies. Many times, soft drinks contain toxic levels of sugar which can lead to increased body weight but today rise in the number of people preferring soft drinks to fruit juices which also shows a rise in the number of new side effects.

Now we overwhelmingly order soft drinks or soda cans as a part of the meal. It's a proven fact that today's youth mostly prefers soft drinks or soda cans as compare to fruit juices. Many of us preferring to drinking soft drinks as compare to juices which have a negative impacts on our health and due to soft drinks impacts on health is getting adverse day by day. It is important to know how soft drinks impact on health like what is the common issues found in people who consume these drinks.
1)Soft drinks consumption may lead to hyperactivity and other mental problems.
2)Soft drinks can lead to obesity, heart disease and other aspects of the metabolic syndrome.
3)Soft drinks also cause liver disease.
4)Soft drinks also cause asthma.
5)Many types of soft drinks cause headaches.
6)Soft drinks can cause development of kidney stones.
7)Energy drinks with similar ingredients to soft drinks may cause bad impacts on the health.
8)Many soft drinks are bad for bones because of their high acid content.
9)Drinking regularly causes plaque to build up on the teeth and can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Soft drinks may taste good but it's side effects are very dangerous to the health and these soft drinks are not healthy in any amount because it has a horrible effects on health.

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