The Challenges faced by Slum Children

(Kisa Fatima, Karachi)

Children living in slums don't know the basic facilities or education a child should have. They are deprived of the basic living standards. Same is the case of children living in slum opposite to Karachi University. Apart from that a school was set outside the university by its students, the children don't even have proper clothes and slippers to wear. They walk bare foot on the hot sand, don't have excess to clean water and healthy food to eat.

Here are some point, should take into consideration for giving a better life and future to slum children in Pakistan.

There are many dangers facing people living in the slums. As people from the slums travel throughout Pakistan looking for opportunity, they are denied basic rights such as health care. With poor sanitation and close living quarters, sickness and disease is rife in slum living. Infection spreads quickly and this can prove fatal in the case of the young and weak. The main illnesses to affect slum life include measles, conjunctivitis, colds and flu and headlice. Misinformed adults readily give children in the slums tobacco to chew which can lead to under lying health problems.

They should have basic health facilities. They should be approched by health facilitators and should be educated about diseases causing harm and the importance of its treatment.

Any child from the slums who is accepted into school will often choose to work for money instead of attending. Some charities and schools like the outside Karachi University should reward slum children’s school attendance with daily meals and arrange them proper clothes, toys or stationary etc. The slums typically lack proper sanitation, safe drinking water, or systematic garbage collection; there is usually a severe shortage of space inside the houses where the children live, and no public spaces dedicated to their use. But that does not mean that these children have no childhood, only a different kind of childhood that sees them playing on rough, uneven ground, taking on multiple roles in everyday life, and sharing responsibilities with adults in domestic and public spaces in the community.

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