Hindu Bharat And Secular Pakistan - Race Against Time

(Sarwar, Lahore)

Both Pakistan and Bharat won freedom from British rule in August 1947. The top Hindu leadership before independence had assured all the people living in United India that the country would be run under a Secular Constitution hence all the subjects irrespective of colour, creed, caste, religion, area etc, will enjoy equal rights regarding chances of economic development, attainment of education, employment/economic activity. Moreover they would enjoy freedom of speech, job and movement/settlement in any part of the State, for their personal gains. They were also assured of safety of life, honour, property and the religion they would like to follow. In net shell they all would be equal in all respect in the eyes of law hence treated accordingly.

As regards Pakistan Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam and his close colleagues in the struggle for freedom, many a time reiterated that Quran and Sunnah would form basis of Pakista’s constitution. The Objective Resolution, initially included in the Preamble of the Constitution, was later on made part of the Constitution. The Mumlakat-I Khudad Pakistan was named “Islami Jamhooria Pakistan”

The vested interests in both the countries kept trying to obscure the purpose of creation of these two States. Under-currents, much before Day-1 were observed in Bharat as well. Pandit Moti Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Prof. Lala Hardial, Walebh Bhai Patel, Indra Gandhi, Marar Ji Desai, Bal Thakray, Lal Kishn Advani (Led the procession including elements of RSS, BJP, VHP from Somnaath to Ajodia and participated in destruction of Babri Nasjid, He was resolute to destroy 50,000 Muslim mosques throughout India), Nersema Rao, Narender Moodi, Kaldep Nayyar, SP Tayagi Air Chief, all spoke of elimination of Muslims and domination of Hinduisn in Bharat. They had hatred against the Muslims and had expressed the same in their speeches and writings. News papers and other literature were/are full of anti-Muslim feelings and provide guidelines to merge Muslims into Hiduism). Mahatma Gandhi honored as “Bapu” was murdered by Gadsay, an extremist Hindu. Moodi as PM of Bharat applauded act of Gadsay!! The frequented bloody Hindu –Muslims riots targeting Muslims, their mosques / madaras and properties were, many a time, encouraged by the ruling party. Destruction of the famous and historical Babri Masjid, desecration and invasion of the Golden Temple and cordon and search of Hazrat Ball are major incidents to prove that Bharat has no respect for the worship places of minorities. Even churches were raided and burnt by the extremist Hindus. Whereas on the other hand Since 1947 not a single Hidu Temple has been burnt or damaged. However, the Central Government on the whole tried to prove that it still wanted to keep Bharat as “Secular” State.

But ever since Narender Modi’s coming into power initially as Chief Minister of Gurat Province (He was paid a rich tribute for killing Muslims and burning their property. A pamphlet widely circulated in Bharat applauded his efforts saying: “Thaks to Narender Moodi. We salute you. A hero is born after Sardar Valebh Bai Patel.”) and later as Prime Miniter of Bharat, efforts to convert Bharat into “Hindu India” have received momentum. The die heart RSS and many other fanatic Hindu organizations have stepped up their activities against Dalits, Christians and Sikhs in general and Muslims in particular. The minorities face risk of annihilation. They are coerced either to leave their religion or live as third rate citizens. Moodi, the Top mad man on the Globe and one of the Top Ten Terrorists on the earth was once banned entry in USA, has been succwssful in getting passed bills / orders banning slaughtering of cows and sale of cow meat in many provinces. Cases of hate crimes, coercion, rape, killing, beating, burning of properties, etc of minorities are on the increase. The law enforcing agencies and the local police are never concerned to punish the culprits. The Occupant Indian foreces on behest of Moodi are crossing all limits and are busy in setting new records of atrocities in Kashmir. Use of pellet guns even on wild animals is forbidden but in IOK more than 1000 Kashmiris have permanently lost their eyesight due to pellet fires. The ratio of Indian soldiers to Kashniris is 1:11. Whole of Kashmir is turned into the biggest Cantonment on earth. Even they are deprivec from attending Juma congregations.

Marar Ji Desai, in his autobiography admitted that Indian government helped Awami League of Sh. Mujib ur Rahman to win 160 out of 162 MNA seats in 1970 General Election of Pakistan. Moodi, during his visit to Bagla Desh, during public speech, proudly, admitted that Bharat had helped Bangla Desh through Mukti Bhanis, to attain freedom from Pakistan. Since 1971 Bangla Desh, except for a few years, has toed the policies of Bharat and in literal sense has become a subservient state of Bharat. The vigorous efforts by Bharat have faded out the Islamic ideology and Two Nation Theory in Bangla Desh. Through cultural invasion and various pacts Bangla Desh is being converted into a secular and eventually a Hindu State.

On the other hand the pseudo writers and thinkers quite often appearing in press and on various forums try to prove that Quaid-i-Azam’s struggle for Pakistan was only to avoid economic emancipation at the hands of the Hindus. Such elements, with the connaivance of hidden forces, keep spreading confusion whereby Ideology of Pakistan and the Two Nation Theory forming basis of Pakistan’s creation get marred. Govt did nothing to nullify their efforts. Thus these elements not only multiplied in numbers but also stepped up their efforts.

The PML- N is all out to convert Pakistan into a Liberal (eventually Secular), Modern, Enlightened (as advocated by Musharraf who thought himself to be a “Genius”), Progressive and Democratic (being converted into Family-Cratic) country. A few examples can enlighten the readers.

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has very friendly ties with Narender Moodi. He invited him to Jati Umra (His residence), Riawind on a private visit on his birth day and marriage of his grand daughter both falliing on 25th December (incidentally Quaid’s birthday was being celebrated by Pakistanis as well, but Moodi failed to congratulate Pakistanis). Media and intelligence agencies were kept away. Nawaz Sharif held secret meetings and on his departure gave to Moodi a closed envelope, the contents never disclosed/known to anyone. The inquisitive Media is unable to reveal its contents!! May be it remains “A Historical Secret.” May Allah save us from evil designs of these bosom friends!

Mamnoon Hussain as President of Pakistan, has legal powers to issue Ordinances, which to his judgment, are beneficial to democracy and country’s economy. It was in this context that President of Islami Jamhooria Pakistan requested the ULMAA of Pakistan to find some way out whereby payment / receipt of “Interest” under the present system should not be considered “SIN” when adjudged according to Islamic dictates (Shariah). Did he mean “Development: or “Fading away” the Ideology of Pakistan or initiation of steps on the lines of Deen-i- Elahi? During Nawaz Sharif earlie tenure an appeal against Court’s Decree to stop Usery was filed in the Supreme Court. His government did not go against the appeal.

Government of Pakistan kept quite about Salmaan Taseer’s provocative and uncalled for behavior/meeting with and assurance given to Aasia Mesiaha, indulged in blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Mumtaz Qadri a true Muslim murdered the governor. Qadri’s death warrant was signed by President Mamoon Hussain without any loss of time. This could have been delayed easily or President Islami Jamhoria Pakistan could have pardoned his sentence. Aasia, the blasphemous, is not hanged so far. Earlier a few Christians involved in such activities have slipped out of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif, as PM, is doing his best to side line all physical and ideological barriers between Pakistan and Bharat. His contension that there exists “only a thin line” between India and Pakistan otherwise people of both the countries have many common things like colour, features, language, eating habits, culture and rites (He tried to go against Quaid’ thoughts when strongly advocated that there existed two nations in the sub continent by saying: “We maintain and hold that Muslims and Hindus are two major nations by any definition or test of a nation. We are a nation of a hundred million, and what is more we are a nation with our own distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomrnclature, sense of value and proportion, legal laws and moral codes, customs and calendar, history and traditions, aptitude and ambitions, in short, we have our own distinctive outlook on life and of life. By all canons of international law, we are a Nation” Extract from a letter to Mr. Gandhi, September 17, 1944). To Nawaz Sharif the biggest migration in human history (2,00,00,000 Muslims left their homes), the great sacrifices in terms of life (50,00,000 Muslims lost their lives), loss of property and honour and untold miseries, erosion of the “Two Nation Theory” “Ideology of Pakistan”, the choking and bleeding of the Jugular Vein of Pakistan, the Water Aggression (to make Pakistan desert and then through coordinated floods ruin it permanently) in utter violation of the Indus Water Treaty, the bomb blasts and other bloody activities organized and executed throughout Pakistan by Indian agents like Kul Bashan Yadev and creation of many other grave problems don’t matter much. The serious trade deficit with Bharat and access of Indian agricultural products upto Peshwar, are the indicators that Nawaz Sharif wants to strengthen Moodi’s Hindu government at the cost of ruining our own agriculture. We want to give Hindu Bharat the status of “Most Favoured Nation.” What a pity! Indian movies are screened in Pakistani cinemas. And so are her dramas and ads.

The speeches made by Nawaz Sharif, PM of Islami Jamhooria Pakistan in Jamia Naeemia, Lahore and the “Holi” Ceremony in Karachi are eye opener for every patriotic Pakistani in general and the Clergy and sane Pakistanis in particular. It is an irony that except for Arshad Latif (Daring, mature and patriot analyst in ARY program) none spoke about the ill consequences of such speeches–i.e a bid to erode the Two Nation Theory and Ideology of Pakistan. The concept of word “Allah” that a Muslim believes in, is not at all comparable with any other word expressed / believed in any other religion. We the Muslims worship “Allah Almighty,” Who is totally different from what the followers of other religions worship. If I, as a Muslim, believe that “God” “Wah Guru” “Ishwer” “Baghwan” “Rama” Krishna” etc are all equivalant to Allah, then I, despite my loud claims, am not a Muslim at all. Then I belong to a different category nowhere near Islam / Muslims!! This distinction between a Muslim and a non-Muslim was categorilly spelled out by Allah Almighty in Surah “Al-Kafroon” of the Holy Quran, during initial years of revelation of Islam. In the Holy Quran, at many places, it is explicitly mentioned that whoso adopts the ways (code of life) of or adopts appearance of Non-Muslims, will meet the fate of the group he liked to follow. The two speeches made at “Dewali” and “Holi” need to be analysed in detail and see if Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), his four Copanions (who were heads/Chief Exeutives of the Islamic State as well could express such words or did they attend or longed to attend any of the religios function of Infidels / Jews living in the folds of Islamic State?Are we pleasing Allah or the worshippers of Idols? Will such speeches have good effects on Pakistanis in general and the youth in particular?Are we not accountable for our deeds?

Revision of syllabi of schools/ colleges, holding of cultural shows on one pretext or the other, wide coverage of quite frequently held fashion shows/cat walks, ladies sports competitions/events, holding of mixed gathering, the marathon races/functions on roads and open places and many such activities all marr image of Islami Jamhooria Pakistan and give vivid impression of a liberal, modern country treading on the path leading to Seclarism!!In case of any doubt see the dresses of “Lady News Casters” “Female Anchors” and even the “Female guests.” The commercial ads aired by various channels have crossed all limits of descency; morality and sanity.They contain nothing but dances, vulgar/cheap dialogues and jumping, shouting, pushing and nonsensical body movements. Media does not feel shy while airing such ads. All are sleeping over the venomous effects of such ads.

Had the governments devised and stressed upon such syllabi where proper education standard and character building measures (In line with Islamic teaching) were given due consideration during studies in schools/colleges, the moral fibre of our society would have been quite different. Alas! We tried to protect its segments through bills like “Women Empowerment Bill”- never happened in an Islamic country. With the implementation of this bill the family system will get big jolts.

PML (N) League has forgotten Quaid’s three principles: “Unity, Faith and Discipline.” To them “Unity” means “Muk Mukaa” with PPP and other Alliance Parties to loot the resources of the poor country. “Faith” means there is no difference in Allah, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Guru and God as believed by the Nuslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians respectively!! “Discipline”has been given new meanings. Now it stands for “Discipline within the Party” to the extent that no worker or member (MNA or MPA) can raise a finger on national policies including favours to Bharat (despite her unprecedented atrocities in Kashmir, supporting all terrorist activities in Pakistan), and also leadership’s efforts to convert Democracy into “Familicracy” (Non-ending government of their near blood relations in the lineage under the cover of democracy).

I have made a humble effort to sense the dangerous track our leaders are resolute to make the nation follow. By doing so, they only want to please their alien masters, or prolong their rule, no matter they meet a very dreadful end in the life Hereafter.May Allah save us from their nefarious designs or put them at the Right Path. I will also request Islam loving elements to come forward and nullify all efforts of liberals, seculars, modernists, and pseudo intellectuals all set to sway the country away from Islam, Two Nation Theory and Ideology of Pakistan These elements though not very visible yet have their tentacles in Govt functionaries, ruling class, media, opinion-making institutions and in universities/colleges.The Guardians of Constitution and Ideology of Pakistan are under test.

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