Super powers' agenda over syrian issue?

(Nayab Fatima, )

The most complex and complicated issue of the world is syrian issue. In the following week, US missile attacked on Syrian army after the two days of chemical attack and said it was the response of chemical attack on syrian civilians. Missile attack killed 6 forces and chemical attack killed 80+. Almost every country favoured the US attack including Saudi Arab, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Britian whereas, China, Iran and Russia condemned this attack.
America claimed that, they targeted the place having chemical weapon. But Russia urged that, these attacks were preplaned by US.

Initiate with the discussion of what is the syrian issue?

This issue started in 2011, when the people of syria formed millitia named "free syrian Army" and protested against the dictatorship of Bashar Ul Asaad. He used force and power against the rebellions and also he was accused of fire on civilians. As a result of which civil war started in syria.

International states also indulged in the war and eventually the civil war changed into proxy war. Many Millitant organization from the world involved in the battle such as Al-Qaida, ISIS(Daish), Al-Nusra, Kurds and Hezbollah.

This issue paced up sectarian(Shia Sunni) issue all over the world. Sunni endorse rebellions and shias endorse Asaad'regime. The foreign powers accommodate their particular party, furnished them with weapon, millitary and training. After their involvement in war, their warplanes and holicopters are hitting syrians, Russia assaults on free syrian army and US on Asaad's army. In the past six years almost 3lac people have lost their lives.

Syrians have life but without life, lack of basic facilities, they are starving, having no security, no protection, no peace and no harmony.
US and Russia use the state for their own personal motives. They are playing political games on the lives of innocent syrians. They have no concern with humanity, but with their own interests and eventfully, they execrate Muslims.

They themselves donot want to resolve these issue because once this issue resolve, they would loss the license of attacking in Syria. In 2011, Russia alone vetoed on the UN resolution. And still this issue is not resolved.

Ever think, Why Russia and US donot attack on Indian Army in Kashmir, Israels in Palestine? Because they benefit them or may be because they are not Muslims.

The pitiness here is, Muslims are gratifying Non-Muslims for killing their own spiritual brothers. It is an embarrasing position for every Muslim. Look beyond your sect, dont be ethnocentric and donot fight among themselves. Muslims are one nation, stand together and fight back with opponent of Muslims.

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