The Year 2016: The Revival Of Pakistani Cinema

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In Past few years the Pakistani cinema industry has seen a huge downfall . Since 2010, hopes upturned that Pakistani cinema industry will see a rise again. In the year 2015, we have seen few outstanding movies released in Pakistan. Those movies include one of the best comedy films the blockbuster hit Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. The movie grabbed almost 46 crore worldwide becoming only movie to cross twenty five hundred million. The downhill tumble of pakistani cinema ended in the year 2015 many quality movies were released Wrong Number, Bin Roye, Jalaibee, Karachi se Lahore, Moor, Shah, and Manto are some of the the finest films pakistani cinema has produced. The years to come clear indicate that a dead industry has came back to life undoubtedly the revival of Pakistani cinema has begun.

Pakistani films 2015

The cinema industry of Pakistan is yet again rising as we are seeing superb releases in 2016. Now Pakistani movies are not only released in Pakistan but also in other countries. Ho Mann Jahan was the very first movie released in January 2016 becoming super hit. It grossed 22 crore worldwide. Other movies include Bachaana, Maalik, Maah-e-Mir, Teri Meri Love Story, and Ishq Positive. But there were 3 most anticipated movies released on a clash this year on occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Surprisingly, all the three movies are performing well even on clash. Below are the plot and business details of all the movies.

1. Actor In Law

Actor in law poster

Yes, the revival of Pakistani Cinema has begun. Actor in Law has an interesting story related to life of a common man. Fahad Mustafa the hero of the movie accidently becomes a lawyer, as his parents force him to choose the profession. But his career choice was to become an actor. The story proceeds and he meet girl of his dreams. This movie is combination of comedy, romance, music, drama, and emotions. This is for people who want all genres in a single movie. The first three days business of Actor in Law is 5.80 crores. The weekend business of Actor in Law will be over Hundred million. This movie is supposed to be the block buster hit of 2016.

2. Janaan
Janaan is one of the most anticipating movies of 2016 produced by gorgeous Reham Khan. Janaan has typically traditional love story. The movie is typical love triangle and revolves around Bilal Ashraf, Armeena Khan, and Ali Rehman. Janaan has fantastic music, superb acting, romance, tragedy, emotions, and drama. The film is shot in beautiful locations. The cast is new and there were not many expectations from movie, however it did well at the box office. The first three days business of Janaan is 4.01 crores. It is expected that the extended weekend business of Janaan will be around 100 million making it a super hit of the year.

3. Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai
The star cast of the movie is new in cinema industry. The plot of the movie is unique and is of romantic drama genre. The story revolves around a young couple having a kid. They are facing difficulties in raising the kid as they were married at a young age. They had own dreams which they wanted to follow but it didn’t happen though. The movie has splendid music, romance, classic acting, emotions, and drama. The movie was released on limited screens due to which it grossed less than other two movies. The first three days business of ZKKH is around 2.30 crores. It is estimated that the weekend business of Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai will be over 50 million.

The gurus are already declaring the current era to be revival of Pakistani cinema. There are numerous films in queue like Waar 2, Gidh, Yalghar, Arth 2, Maula Jutt (remake), and Albela Raahi etc. All movies are different genres i.e. romance, action, comedy, biopic, and drama. The Pakistani cinema industry is now on its feet and soon it will make a strong market internationally. Janaan has done outstanding business in UK and USA, while Actor in Law has done good business in UAE and Canada.

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