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(Abdullah, Sharjah)


I am reader of ''Hamariweb'' since its start. Many times i got guidance and energy from articles published here. I saw that so many people get benefits with the help of this website. This thing encouraged me to write you the problem of person living in UAE. As i am also living in UAE, i know the condition of a person who came here in UAE with hopes and big dreams to support his family. He started his own business in 2011. In start business was good for 3 years, but after that due to crises, his business fell down. He became under heavy credit. his family also suffered alot. he did not visit pakistan since 2012. Now a days he is living on the support of other pakistanis.

We have helped him and almost finished his 5 to 6 cheque cases. This time only one cheque case of Dhs.13000/- is pending. He needs some ticket and some other expenses for accommodation also.

Through your forum, i want to request you to please do anything which you can being a Muslim and Pakistani. He belongs to a {sufaid posh} family and feeling hesitation to appeal openly.

I am sure, Allah will reward you, if you try to help him in anyway.


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آپ کی رائے
I want to contact the writer. need more info. pls
By: ab malik, dubai on Jun, 26 2017
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