Khyber-4; accomplished

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

Khyber-4 was one of the most difficult and sensitive operations ever launched in the history of Pakistan. The sensitivity of this mission was due the cohesion of Khyber and Kurrram Agencies with the durand line; Afghanistan. On more factor contributing to the difficulty; it was launched at a height of 12000 feet of Rajgal valley. It was really an arduous task to carry ammunition to such altitude.

But Pak-Army, with the grace of Allah Almighty, has completed this operation successfully. Infantry brigade, SSG brigade and Aviation brigade took an active part and not only secured the area but destroyed eight oases for the terrorists also. The threat of reaction in the Parachinar was eminent. But fortunately, many lives were saved by the vigilant approach of our law enforcement agencies.
But it is not end. We need to be extra-ordinary all the time but the evil needs to be right just once. Therefore, we must try to show high resolve against this grim and support our institutions at any cost. Zarb e Azb, Rad ul Fasad, Khyber-4 and many more still needed to nip the devil in the bud. It is easy to achieve but difficult to sustain. However, consistency in attitudes and a rejection to terror is the only solution. Pakistan Zindabad.

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