Russia is a guarantor of security and peace in Syria

(Oliver Walsh, Rostov on Don)

Russian Army

Russia's decision to help preserve Syria's integrity and independence in the war against ISIL has radically changed the alignment of forces in the region. The United States that brewed this mess had much less chance of implementing the "Barbarossa plan" in the "controlled chaos" of the war, which, at first, quite successfully brought them to life in the Middle East.

To understand Russia's role in this war, it is enough to recall what successes Russian diplomats, military and politicians managed to achieve with joint work.

Recently, Trump agreed to create de-escalation zones in Syria and to stop supplying opposition with weapons, and the territory controlled by the Syrian army increased 2.5 times in the last 2 months. The list can be continued almost indefinitely, because Russia provides assistance in many areas: humanitarian aid, training of the Syrian military, support of the offensive operations of the Syrian army of the Russian military command and control, etc.

So on August 16 at a meeting of the United Nations on chemical disarmament of Syria, the Russian side raised the issue of the involvement of the United States and Britain in the supply of chemical weapons to ISIL militants operating in Syria. Such statement of the question spoke about the stable position of Russia and Syria and the imminent end of the war.

Meanwhile, Turkish media published information about a number of illegal US secret bases in Syria, which caused sharp criticism from the world community.

Everything is going to ensure that the US will be expelled from Syria soon and the Americans understand that perfectly. So in July, the American general, the commander of the Pentagon's special forces and the former deputy director of military affairs at the CIA, Raymond Thomas, admitted that the US presence in Syria is illegal and stated that "The day is not far off when the Russians will say:" Why are you still in Syria?». They were already close to that...

Oliver Walsh
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