Condition of government hospitals in Pakistan

(Taha Burhanuddin, Karachi)

What comes to our mind when we think about the word ‘Hospital’?. A place where lives are saved and a person’s health is restored, right?. But that’s not the truth anymore, especially in government hospitals. Due to the obsolete and poor practices of government hospitals, people lose their lives, even when there were huge possibilities of them being saved.

What can be the cause of such issues to arise at first place? Are the doctors and staff incompetent or have the medicines stopped working? No, the main reason is the government which is unable to provide the required funds to hospitals. Allocation of funds is mishandled and are leaked else where instead of where they are supposed to be implied. Moreover, the government also fails to provide the doctors their rights, monthly salary, security and status due to which they are agitated to go on strikes.

These issues highly affect lower middle and below class population’s health as they are the one who is mostly depended upon government’s support to resolve their health issues. At certain hospitals, one can even spot street cats roaming around in emergency wards and ICUs. The poor management of hospitals leads to poor sanitation and hygienic conditions of wards and emergency rooms. Improper disposal of waste leads to furthermore spread of diseases in the hospital due to which patients, doctors and supporting staff, all suffer.

What can be done to resolve the above-mentioned issues?. Firstly, it's important to create an awareness program that focusses on how one should behave and follow procedures that maintain the cleanliness of hospitals. Spitting ‘Paan and Gutka’ on the walls and throwing wrappers and other waste in hallways and rooms can be prevented by spreading awareness.

Secondly, The root cause of all the problems is the poor funds' management. If the improper funds' management, allocation, and corruption are controlled, situation will significantly improve. NGOs with only one directed focus that is to improve situations at government hospitals should be established to add further effectiveness in enhancing quality health practices across Pakistan’s hospitals.

Lastly, doctors are often spotted mistreating and behaving rudely with patients. Doctors should be trained to treat their patients with respect and humbleness. It's their prime responsibility to take care of people irrespective of their social class and status their patients belong to.

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