Trump’s Afghan Policy A Deliberate Miscalculation

(F Z Khan, Islamabad)

How can Americans get defeated in Afghanistan, and how can Pakistan win war against terror? This is something which the superpower is not digesting. That’s why they are shifting blame of their own failures. But this is not the only thing. There are many more reasons.

What did the Centcom see in Waziristan when DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor took him to personally watch how Pakistan Army cleared even the areas which were previously occupied by Haqqani network? Why did he praise Pakistan for successes on ground and sacrifices in the war against terror? Why didn’t he say anything which President Trump says now? Did he tell lie and reported negative back in Washington?

Wasn’t Senator John McCan taken to North Waziristan and visited the areas Pakistan Army got cleared from the terrorists? At the end of his visit, the Senator told media that he was satisfied with the successes Pakistan gained. He praised Pakistan’s role and sacrifices of its soldiers in the war against terror? Then what went wrong when he reached back in Washington? Did he tell a lie with our press? Or he told a lie to Trump administration?

Where have gone the superpower’s hi-tech detection and surveillance gadgets, satellite systems closely watching and monitoring the earth, areas of trouble, terrorists and their safe havens? Where is then the intelligence sharing and information mechanism? Pakistan has operated, cleared areas and killed terrorists on the pinpointing of Pentagon and US Commanders in Afghanistan.

Then why Trump and Mattis and McMaster say there exist safe havens and America will go after them? Isn’t it duplicity and double game? In fact the designs seem different. This is not Mr Trump backing out of the election promise of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. This is a long term policy based on grand agenda that is continuing since President Carter and continuing during Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations. This is not just face saving, but madness on part of the US that has not learnt lessons from history. Should Pakistan come up with an equal Kim Jong-style madness to respond to Trump’s? Or sanity should prevail upon the US government to listen to their own observers who suggest not to open another front of Afghan war directly involving Pakistan. While India is its collaborator, the consequences of such a blunder are likely to be disastrous.

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