Trump’s afghan policy “The driving force behind”

(Muhammad Anwar Khan, Gilgit)

The president of United States has announced it afghan policy recently, in which he accused Pakistan of backing terrorists groups fighting US and afghan soldiers from across the border in Afghanistan. The statement came when the an American company bell was about to transfer AH-1Z Viper gunship helicopters to Pakistan armed forces to fight against terrorism in the tribal area in the north west of Pakistan, which are very critical elements in fight against terrorism. The United States has a very negative history, when it comes to support it allies. when it achieves its own interest for example in the early 90s when USSR was defeated in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan the united states put sanctions on the very ally Pakistan who help US win the cold war to become a sole super power in the world, same happened during the 1965 war when US put sanctions against its ally during the war. Therefore it is the fact that America is not the country to trust upon.

The Pakistan is achieving great successes against the terrorism spilling over from the Afghanistan, where they have safe heaven and getting financial support and weapons. The accusation amid such an environment signifies the lack of American interest in defeating the terrorists in Afghanistan, causing damage to Pakistani society and armed forces, where Pakistan has launched Khyber- IV against the terrorists with the aim to eradicate terrorism from Pakistan. On the other hand America is try to destabilize the region by assigning India a key role in Afghanistan where India is already involve in giving rise to terrorism inside Pakistan in the Baluchistan province and Khayber Pakhtun khua. The trump administration is bringing India to Afghanistan only to gain it support to counter the rising Chinese influence in the region, which is seen as a threat in waashington DC. In order to do so the United States has supported the Indian armed force’s infiltration in the dokhlam region of china Bhutan border area, where Indian has no claim over the territory, and on the other hand Indian unlimited cease fire violations on the Line of control in the disputed Kashmir region between Pakistan and India, signifies the evil designs of India in the region to dominate its neighbors by force. So it’s not about the Pakistan where it fighting terror or not, rather it’s about supporting the Indian narrative in the region to get Indian favor In countering Chinese expanding influence in the region and beyond.

The change in trumps policy on Afghanistan is merely a change in policy compare to the Obama administration’s policy as Obama also tried to bring India to Afghanistan to play its role, but here is one important thing to remember that India is not going to be affected directly from the consequences and outcomes of the Afghan crisis as it does not share any border with Afghanistan, It is Pakistan that has to bear the costs and fallouts. India has vested interests in Afghanistan most importantly to destabilize Pakistan by supporting terrorism in Pakistan, which is proved by the arrest of Indian serving navy officer Kulbhushan Jadav, operating terrorist activities in Karachi and Baluchistan. There is also evidence of Indian support to Islamic State Militants in Afghanistan to launch terror activities inside Pakistan.

The united state is going to commit a serious mistake by offering India a role in Afghanistan, which India will capitalize by launching terrorist activities inside Pakistan resulting in to a more dangerous region by increasing the probability of nuclear exchange among the arc nuclear rivals Pakistan and India.

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