Use of Agriculture Pesticides in Urban Areas

(Imtiaz Ahmad , Muzaffarabadak)

First I would describe about the terminology used in this blog.

What is a pest?

The Insects who make damage to human health, property and other belongings are called pest.

What is pesticides?

The poisonous chemicals which is used for killing of pests is called pesticides.

Description of the Topic:-

Termites (deemak) ,Cockroaches ,silverfishes ,mosquitoes and other insects has become a problem for the residents of Cities. Besides spreading a lot of diseases these pests also make damages to our houses, warehouses, stocks, etc.

A lot of people has started their businesses in various cities especially in Lahore. These people are neither educated in the relevant subject (agriculture) nor they are supervised or trained by a technical person. Due to which they are using agriculture poisonous materials in houses and urban areas. These people do not know about the insects. They do not have the knowledge about the dangers and side effects of products they are using just for small money. They are spreading diseases not only those houses where they are spraying poisons but also among the others who are living in their neighborhood.

Moreover, these companies spray the agricultural poison on soil which is covered under the soil. They don't know about the capillary action of the soil water. This chemicals penetrate into the soil water which ultimately reaches to the human through motor pumps.

There is a need to write more on the topic for the guidance of the people who are suffering but shortly I would advise them for contacting a technical person who is well qualified and who do not use agricultural pesticides in their homes.

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